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Touch-Up Kit For Sedona Products


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Touch-Up Kit For Sedona Products - The number of bottles inside will vary depending on the color ordered.

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4 inches x 4 inches x 3 inches
Use this Touch-Up Kit to improve the finished look of each project using Sedona colors. For example, when creating corners by mitering two panels this is the perfect product to touch up those spots.
At every corner now you can create a perfect transition from one side of the corner to the other.

*The number of bottles will vary, based on the color ordered.

NOTE: On average you will need 1 kit for every 8-10 Panels.

Included are:
Individual 1-OZ colors, one for each color in the panels
Base and Glaze coats 1-OZ each, (based on the type of coloration)
Brush-in-cap for each of the above,
Shipping box.

Click here to view or print the instructions ( pdf )

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