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Faux Reclaimed 28" Panel Brick Sample - Ashes - With Rebate - Free Standard Shipping


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Faux Chicago Brick 28" Panel Sample - Ashes - SAMPLE With Rebate - Free Standard Shipping

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The cost of the sample will be subtracted from your next purchase of $200 or more (Max 6 samples).
8 inches x 7-1/2 inches

Add the incredibly realistic look of Rustíc Brick Veneer with our faux stone panels in Ashes color. They are available in different sizes and configurations and can be complemented with a number of accessories. These samples are carefully hand-painted to further increase the look of natural elements, just like a full panel. 

- Available in different colors.
- Easy to maintain
- Ultra-realistic feel
- Resistant to mildew, cracking and fading
- Can be cleaned with soap and water solution
- installs easily using basic carpenter's tools
- Lightweight
- Significant cost savings.

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