Outlet & Switch Trim - Cappuccino



Outlet & Switch Trim / Box For Stone Panels- Cappuccino

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7 inches High x 5-1/2 inches Wide x 2 inches Deep - 1Lbs

8-18 business days for production. 


With our Outlet & Switch Trim you can now move your switches, receptacles and light fixtures forward, to be flush with the stones in the Cappuccino panel. Other products leave the receptacle behind the level of the stone, which is not very natural and realistic.
We offer only ONE size Box. You can use this box vertically or horizontally, depending on how may switches you have. It can be easily cut smaller or combined with another one.


CLICK HERE For detailed instructions with images

Please make sure there is no power to your receptacles or switches! 

-Simply cut a hole in the panel, the same size as our Boxes.
-Unscrew and pull out your electrical switches from the wall.
-Cut a hole in our Boxes, small enough to pull the receptacle / switch through it.
-Screw the receptacle on the box itself.
-Use some adhesive around the edge of the box and slide it in the panel's hole you created. Fasten with finish nails. 
-Put the receptacle plate back on. 

Click here for the product drawing ( pdf )

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Outlet & Switch Trim - Cappuccino

Outlet & Switch Trim - Cappuccino

Outlet & Switch Trim / Box For Stone Panels- Cappuccino

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