Congratulations! You have ordered or planning to order a beautiful and amazing product.
Antico Elements stands behind the quality of the products it sells. Antico Elements carefully inspects its products prior to packaging and shipping. It is in our best interest to make sure our products are shipped in the best conditions. Antico Elements warrants that its products meet high quality standards and the purpose for which they were designed and produced. Each panel is hand painted with the best finishes on the market.

What does the limited warranty cover?
This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects for 25 years. Please see below for what is covered and what is not.
Our products will withstand cracking, peeling of the finishes and rotting.
This warranty covers any damage incurred in the transportation to your destination. This warranty is nulled if the product has been installed, cut, repainted, altered or sent back to us with damages. In order to receive replacements due to transportation damages we request that customers take photos of any visible damage to the exterior packaging and the damages on the product itself and email them to us. Claims for shipping damages must be reported within 5 business days from receiving the order.

What does the warranty not cover?
Also not covered are damaged inflicted to the products by natural elements like flooding, fire, wind, hail and similar impact of foreign objects. Claims against visible manufacturing defects must be presented within 10 days from the date of purchase and before the installation has begun.
The panels are covered with durable Acrylic, Lacquer based and exterior Glaze paints but damages resulting from the use of harsh cleaners and solvents are not covered.
Small imperfections in the back surfaces that face walls, between joints or parts that are not meant to be visible are not covered.
Damages due to improper handling and storage.
Damages caused by shrinkage, expansion, distortion of the walls, substrates or structure.
Damages of the paints or materials due to excessive exposure to heat, fumes, vapors and salt water.
Damages of the paints or materials caused by excessive pressure from power washes.
Although the finishes used are specifically designed to be exterior, UV resistant, some fading under harsh sun exposure may occur during the years, just like any other product, but the normal fading is not covered under this warranty. If a company promises lifetime or full and very long warranty, they probably don’t plan to be in business for long. We do plan to serve our customers for a very long time, so we are very honest and upfront.
Please note that we offer a paint upgrade consisting of a clear coat that considerably extends the life of the colors. It is considered good practice to apply a UV clear coat (ours or any other purchased by the customer) to any outdoor material on a regular basis.
Damages of the materials or performance failure resulting from installation steps that are not in accordance with our published instructions will void the warranty please refer to our instructions here:
Parts of our products that have been cut, therefore the raw material is left exposed and not treated with caulking AND paint, are not covered under this warranty.
Coverage under this warranty will not go beyond the value of the product purchased. The Warranty is also not transferrable.
Material, physical or personal damages resulting from misuse, incorrect handling or shipping and installation or uses for which the products were not intended, are not covered by this warranty.

Claim Inspection.
When presented with a warranty claim we reserve the right to use an inspector to assess the accuracy of the claim. The inspector must be allowed to the effected property.
If a product is found to be defective under these terms, Antico Elements may offer a replacement, store credit or supply of new paint.

Our company is confident that its customers will be fully satisfied with their purchases and is very thankful for the opportunity to serve its clients.