Why is faux stone better than other types of stone.

The Many Advantages Of Using This Synthetic Stone For Construction And Remodeling

Who wouldn't want to transform the look of a home with a stone wall and make it last forever?

A great example of how faux stone can change a facade.

Our faux polyurethane stone can do that for you. The above project in Miami used the panel below for the faux stone wall.

Romana Faux Ledge Stone - Sand Color

When using a quality line of imitation stone, and accessories, any homeowner or contractor can count on a number of benefits.

- Made In USA. We believe in employing American workforce
- Easy to install stone
- Provides a large saving over conventional materials
- Requires no maintenance
- Tested under high temperatures as well as very cold condition as those in Canada and Alaska
- UV resistant - It doesn't fade. 


You can appreciate a great stone range of prices and they are not based on quality but the number of colors applied. There is a price for every budget and design. You are not limited to only expensive stone to complete your own project.

Here Are Some Examples - Great Quantity Discounts Available:

You may choose from the full-colored Sand, Gray and Almondfaux stacked stone for the base price of $91.30

<pAlpi Faux Stacked Stone - Sand Color

Our beautiful Sienna Color Stone On Sale for $77.30

Alpi Faux Stacked Stone In Sienna Color

Our impressive NEW Slate Colo Stone On Sale for Only $77.30

Alpi Faux Stacked Stone In Slate Color

At Antico Elements prices do not determine the quality of our stone products. They are made by the same people, same amount of material and still hand painted to increase the look at feel of a natural stone texture plus the same warranty as all other products.


Make Sure To Check Our Beautiful Stone On Sale:



Stylish Stone For Home Improvement.

Every homeowner could use a break during a remodeling or repair job. We know very well what the costs of typical construction materials are and what it takes to hire a contractor.

We work very hard to come to the rescue. Our main goal is to provide a faux, polyurethane stone that is beautiful, incredibly realistic, easy to install and maintain so that anyone can use it and install it on his own.

One of the amazing things about simulated stone is the scalability. As seen below these panels are designed to fit together beautifully.

interlocking feature of our stone

When putting two panels together you will have a really nice seam that makes the installation so much easier compared to traditional stone veneer and rocks. Any contractor or handy-man will appreciate the advantages of using imitation stone.

Close-up of faux stone seam

Take a look at our store and products by using the menus on the Left. Come see our showroom in Miami Florida.

For contractors and builders this material is the perfect aid. It helps to minimize the labor costs while offering the same high quality to their customers. We offers volume and trade discounts based on the quantities. We are confident that once tested for the first time, the product will sell itself.

The list of happy customers and positive review keeps growing. The newest trend is the use of faux stone to dress up the side of a plain building, either covering the full walls of just two or three feet from the bottom. We have both sizes available. Here is a great example:

A typical faux stone use


Ultimately, it's the look of the stone after the installation that counts. Conventional materials do not always provide a nice finished look. The examples below clearly show how different products can produce very different results. Click image to enlarge it.

  Stone from other stores   Our faux stone installed  

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