Perfectly Installed Post Wrap

You Can Create A Beautiful Faux Stone Column.

Even with the great advantages the internet provides, today there are homeowners and business owners who want to create a faux stone column and post wrap accent but do not know the different product options.
We often see some projects that puzzle us.
Why create this:

Concrete blocks to mimic the look of stone

When you can create this with the same amount of money? :

Realistic faux stone wraps

Some of these post wraps you see on the market are simply made of blocks of concrete. Once you cut them to turn around corners you can’t really make them look life-like. They will always look fake.
They are also extremely time-consuming.
Yes, you may save a few dollars in the beginning, but you end up paying a lot more for the preparation – must first build a box around the metal post – and more for maintenance in the long run.
Also, take a look at the gaps and the many small pieces of concrete stones needed to make the four sides meet:

Cast stone is difficult to cut and make ends meet.

You can do much better than this.

We have just added two new size post wraps that easily address most size columns needed. 15” wide and 36” wide. You may also choose between 36” or 72” high. If needed, you may stack one on top of the other to reach higher elevations.

With polyurethane column wraps you just snap the four panels together, glue them and use a few nails or screws and you’re done, for many years.

Easy to assemble. The four panels interlock at the corners.

When it comes to covering the top, there are some very nice options for caps.
You may choose between two main sizes and a combination of solid or split caps with two size opening.
Some projects require covering an existing post that is made of a 6×6 or 4×4 wood pole. You may choose a close cap with each of those openings.
You do not have these options with concrete, cast stone.

Stone caps tor the top of the column wraps.

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10 thoughts on “You Can Create A Beautiful Faux Stone Column.”

  1. Well, the cast stone ones may not be as nice but are the interlocking ones really cheaper?


  2. Hello Brian.
    If you consider the preparation of the post – build a box around the existing pole – then glue one little block at a time on the box and the time spend trying to cut the corners and fit them together you will easily see the savings.
    Also, don’t forget how the column will look with the concrete blocks being mitered at the corners.

    Thanks for the question!

  3. Hello.
    What kind of material was the fist image build with? The one that looks too shiny and mismatched sizes?

  4. Those are made with the so-called “cast stone”. They are blocks of concreted poured into forms, that mimic the look of real stone.
    Many make the mistake of calling this material “real stone”. We often hear people say “real stone is cheaper”, but then realize they are referring to cast stone, the concrete blocks.
    Make sure to take your time in researching the product.
    Thank you for your question.

  5. We got our polyurethane faux columns a while back and they are still holding up very nicely. I’m glad we didn’t use cast stone.

  6. Question,
    what happens if we install your faux stone column wrap without using adhesive, as your instructions suggest?
    We may need to re-install them somewhere else, at some point.

  7. Hello.
    Ideally, every installation should use both adhesive and fasteners to ensure a sturdy installation.
    If this is not possible then yes, you may just use only screws. Please make sure to use enough of them to prevent separations between parts.

    Thank you for your interest in our products!

  8. Hello Larry.
    Right now we are running a promotion on all products. If you spend over $1000 and pay by check you will receive free shipping.
    That will save you quite a bit!

    Thank you!

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