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When Faux Brick And Stone Panels Are Made With Quality.

It is safe to say that during every project, whether it for residential or commercial, the installer appreciates the quality of the product and the ease of use.

At Antico Elements we never lose track of what is important to the installers and designs.
The last thing an installer needs is an issue with the quality of brick panels or how hard they are to install. Back when real brick and stone were the only options, the mason would just be used to the time it took to create a wall. Today, after testing and appreciating the value of faux brick paneling, most installers will not go back and use real brick.

Let’s say you need to design and create a TV show’s set and background. Let’s also imagine that you need a light-weight set that can be moved to make room for the next show. You really can’t use real stone (or cast stone) or real brick. In the video below from our great supporters within the Dude Perfect team, you can see how real materials would never work in that set.
(you can see our product at 0:25 minutes)

You could also use some pressed board or vinyl panels but, the quality is clearly not up to par with polyurethane molded panels.

We do all the work for you.
The molds are created from a real brick panel. This original panel is made of real reclaimed bricks from a demolished building so the molds that result from it will reproduce an exact replica of the original.
If you add the way we paint each brick one by one, by hand, you really can’t compare the quality to any other faux product.

White brick panel used in the set above
The white brick panel used in the set above

Let’s not forget about maintenance and removal.
Real brick is porous and it will absorb any stain. With acrylic-painted imitation panels, the wall will be waterproof and super easy to clean.
In many cases, these sets or trade show booths are taken down and reused somewhere else. If you install the panels with screws, you can easily take them down and reuse them many times.

We have perfected the custom products manufacturing so, if you have a specific color and texture in mind, we can easily create a new product. You may click HERE to use our contact page.

Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “When Faux Brick And Stone Panels Are Made With Quality.”

  1. Howdy 🙂

    Looking at the panel’s pictures, I wonder how they would look on a wall where the joint/seam between panels will create a vertical line from floor to ceiling.
    How do you address that ?

  2. Hello.
    We suggest staggering the rows so that the joints do not fall on the same vertical line.
    In our Installation Instructions you will see that we suggest starting every other row with half panel.
    Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

    Thank you.

  3. I actually saw your panels on that show. Now I know where they come from.
    They look nice.

  4. That hammer in the video made me wonder.
    How durable are these faux brick panels?

  5. Hello.
    That is funny.
    Yes, actually you may hit the panels with a hammer and you will notice that a lot of force needs to be applied to create any damage.
    The most important difference is that if you hit cast stone or real stone, our product will dent and not chip off.

    Thank you for the question!

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