Welcome to your new house ideas! Faux rock and stone.

So now if after few clicks you have come to us, we want to welcome you to Antico Elements!

There is a reason why you ended up here and not somewhere else! If you are willing to install a decorating wall into your house or office Antico Elements gives you many options to choose from.

Surely many questions come to your mind when thinking of remodeling a space.

1-What should I do?

2-How much will I spend?

3-How long does it take?

4-What if I get tired of it after a while?

1-You should go with your gut feelings first of all! Do what feels right for you! The space you want to remodel has to represent your lifestyle! And if deciding of using faux rock, then Antico Elements can guide you and recommend what the best choice of stone would work for you according to the style and vibe you want to create!

2- By incorporating Antico Elements into your design plan, you decide to go for a convenient and realistic option! Panels go from $8 to $10. So for a project like this, you won’t spend more than $300.

Fireplace With Laguna Stone

A fireplace with our Faux Laguna Stone in Cappuccino

3-It takes literally a few hours. And you can install panels by yourself as they are light and very easy to cut and deal with. No need to hire a mason to do the work for you! But if you need to Antico Elements will be happy to provide that for you.

4-The panels last forever as the quality of them is outstanding! But if you get tired of the same style, you can change them as they are not expansive and the change can be done very quickly!

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact Antico Elements! We will be happy to assist you!

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