Wall Brick And Stone Panels Help TV Set Designs And Retail Stores Designs.

We are often approached by designers who have spent countless time trying to create a backdrop for a retail store or TV talk show set that incorporates a brick or stone accent. They confess to us that it would have been much easier to install brick or stone panels instead of trying to use real brick and stone, or even worse, trying to faux paint that look.
One of the challenges in our market is to let store outfitters, display booth designers, and many others know that faux stone and brick panels exist. Once they find out they usually incorporate them in the design and drastically reduce the time it takes to design and build a project.

Stages look incredibly better with stage lighting pointing directly to the stone panels from above. You can’t create the same feel by using wallpaper or faux painted bricks.

TV-Show set using faux brick panels
TV-Show set using faux brick panels

Selling the panels is for us just part of our focus. We focus on helping broadcast professionals and trade show booth designers in creating outstanding designs that meet the needed time frame and budgets.

We can create custom products, panels with different sizes and textures as well as custom colors.

If you are in the trade show business you have probably seen how long it takes to install reals stone and real brick and how long it takes to take the booth down. All that work is also employed for just one show.

A lot of work needed for real stone
A lot of work needed for real stone

When using panels you can install the booth in hours but most of all, your clients can reuse the panels. All you need to install them is either use screws or even velcro. All of the materials can be reused many times, with a considerable saving.

No-Mess Installation With Faux Stone Paneling
No-Mess Installation With Faux Stone Paneling

Stores and booths should be designed to get the customer’s attention, not just create a place to hang your products. Spending a few extra dollars per square foot provides an incredible ROI for the designers and the final client.

Stone Display Booth At Trade Shows

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6 thoughts on “Wall Brick And Stone Panels Help TV Set Designs And Retail Stores Designs.”

  1. Hello.
    We have designed our products to be installed directly of metal studs, without the need for drywall or plywood.
    The panels can be ordered in Type A fire-rated so, with the use of metal studs, it will meet all requirements for trade show booth installation.
    Yes, that page shows the benefits of our products. Our faux stone and faux brick panels are made with same exact process. We manufacture them ourselves now so we can offer custom products and colors if necessary. Here are our main products that our clients use to build stores and booths:
    Our Laguna Stone paneling system.
    Our 28 inch faux brick paneling system

    Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello.
    What is that product in white that you show on the first image? Is it the same dark gray stone you have in the 3rd image? We are looking to create a trade show booth with something similar.


  3. Hi.
    We have an upcoming trade show and need to create a backdrop for a display booth.
    Cam these faux brick panels be uninstalled easily? Perhaps reused?


  4. Hello.
    Yes, if you install them without adhesive you can take the screws out and the panels will come down. That way you can reuse them in the next trade show.

    Thank you for the question.

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