Versatility Of Imitation Sheets Of Stone, Rock And Brick

Without any doubt our society is moving from an environment where construction and building things, in general, were done is a meticulous way. People used to take a lot of time to do things right and that used to be the norm in the construction business as well.

Today every commercial and most residential project is based on how quickly they can be turned around. When it comes to builders and, store outfitters and display makers the speed of getting things done can mean the difference between being profitable, break-even or lose money.

Faux Stone Signs
Sign with the rounded faux stone that curved with the sign.

Brick and stone have been around forever and the way they are applied hasn’t changed much. They still need a lot of preparation of the substrate and areas where they will be applied. In the presence of projects that require covering complicated wall shapes or signs real brick and stone will require a lot of custom cuts and the joints will be very visible.

Brick panels for store outfit - White
Brick panels for store outfit – White

The majority of builders and contractors have now shifted to the paneling of fake stones and fake bricks to complete their projects and to make difficult applications possible. It can be challenging to entertain the possibility than a new fake panel of stone can be better than the real thing, particularly when one has used the real product for decades. We learned that, once the installer has been educated on the benefits and has had the chance to try the product, they will use the faux version for all future projects.

These rock panels can wrap around curved surfaces without leaving gaps at the joints.
They also can be miter-cut to create corners and a very simple touch-up kit can be used to paint over any caulked area, to create e real seamless look.

Corners made with caulking and touch-up paint
Corners made with caulking and touch-up paint

The other advantage is that there is no need to use mortar. These “mortarless” rock and brick panels have been already treated in the factory so they are sealed and painted with exterior acrylic coloring that requires no additional work.

We realized that today most people involved in remodeling or construction, in general, can find a real benefit in using faux products and complete their projects within the necessary time-frame.

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4 thoughts on “Versatility Of Imitation Sheets Of Stone, Rock And Brick”

  1. I see that you have a sign with a curved back. Can these panels of stone be bent? Are they flexible?

    Thank you much.

  2. Hello Adam.
    Yes, the faux stone panels (and even more for brick) are a bit flexible. We suggest not bending it ore than a 10ft radius. You may accomplish this by using a heat gun.
    You may also see more details in our installation pages.

    Please let us know if you have more questions.

    Thank you.

  3. Is the last image showing a faux stone column wrap or is something else? It look pretty large for a wrap.

  4. Hello Dave.
    The column in the picture was created by using regular Laguna faux stone sheets because the existing column was bigger than 15-3/4″. If existing columns are smaller that 15-3/4″ you can use our 19″ column wraps, see link below:
    19 in faux stone wraps

    For all larger columns, you may use the regular panels and miter-cut them at the corners.
    Here are the instructions:
    Installation Instructions

    Thank you!

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