Stairway with faux stone wall panels

The Easy Way To Create A Stacked Stone Wall

Many ask us if the products in our testimonials real stacked stone are. They are always quite surprised to find out that it is in fact faux stone in the form of panels.

They also go on with asking how difficult it must have been to create that stacked stone look with panels of fake stone.

Stacked Stone Wall Made With Panels
Stacked Stone Wall Made With Panels

In reality, using Antico Element’s panel is a lot easier to make any plain drywall area look like a real stone wall, much easier than the so-called real stone. The reason we are a bit skeptical about using this term is that many do not know that what today is called real is just cast concrete, that comes out of the mods looking like real stone. Many decide to use cast stone with the hope their wall will look more real. Even with the amount of work required to install cast stone they still can’t get the project to look real; all the joints and corners remain visible and often looking fake.

Bad looking corner made with cast stone
Bad looking corner made with cast stone

So, how did Michael M. create his fireplace looking so rich?

A great looking project made with faux stone wall paneling
A great looking project made with faux stone wall paneling

How did Richard and others make his staircase and fireplace look so real? Was it hard?

  • They did a little research and asked us a couple of questions on how to cut faux stone panels and how to treat the edges.
  • Ordered the panels online, received them with a paint kit and instructions on how to contact us in case he had some more questions.
  • They made no preparation of the existing wall because these faux stacked stone sheets can be installed on virtually any surface; there was no need to go to your hardware store and get those heavy concrete backer-boards.
  • They applied construction adhesive in the back of the panels and used a finish nail gun or screws to fasten them to the wall.
  • Some of them were cut at 45 degrees to make turns and with the help of a table or circular saw, caulk and touch-up paint the corner transitions were made completely seamless.
Mitered Corners Made With Panels
Mitered Corners Made With Panels

Even in cases where you must install the stacked stone panels on concrete, you can simply shoot power-nails directly on the surface and just paint the nail head. Our panels are designed to withstand outdoor stresses. You may take a look at some more information here:

Here is a perfect example:

Corners made with Antico Elements Stacked Stone
Corners made with Antico Elements Stacked Stone In Glacier

If we say these products are easy to use and shape it is because we always hear these comments from our clients.

Just give it a try, you will understand!

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7 thoughts on “The Easy Way To Create A Stacked Stone Wall”

  1. Are you sure that is not real stone? The fireplace image doesn’t look like a stone panel product.

  2. Hello Kevin.
    Absolutely. There are real testimonials photos from customers who used our product.
    The fireplace looks a bit different because the customer added his own paint to create more highlights.

    Thank you from the Antico Elements’ team.

  3. So, if I understand this correctly, you can install faux stone panels directly on concrete? I’ve never seen that before. Hard to believe it would be that fast. I’ve installed cast stone and you have to install block by block with thin set. What type of tool do you suggest to shoot nails?

  4. Hello there!
    Yes, it is that easy.
    You can simply apply adhesive in the back of the panels as in the image below
    Apply Adhesive

    Then, for small to medium size jobs, you can use a concrete nail actuator gun like the one below,that can be found at your local hardware store:
    Simple concrete nail actuator

    For larger job there are some very nice nail guns that are powered by battery and/or gas cans. Please see example below:
    Professional concrete actuator

    It is a big advantage to install faux stone this way.

    Thank you!

  5. Hello Dave.
    The prices vary based on the product you choose. If you visit our catalog you will see all the products listed. You may then click on a specific color to see its price.
    Here is our catalog:
    Antico Elements’ Faux Stacked Stone

    Thank you for your interest in our products!

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