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Just in, stacked stone panels to reface a home facade.

Posted on June 29, 2012

We just received some photos and great compliments on this project.

This customer was not sure about using regular stone products to reface his family home. The main concern was the weight and thickness of other stone materials.

Some stone products on the market are quite heavy and require a particular preparation of the surface to be able to handle the additional weight.
The way most homes are built today, walls are designed to accommodate just vinyl siding and not other types of faux stone siding.

Some builders and homeowners consider cultured stone. In many cases, they choose that route because they are not aware of Antico Elements' stacked stone panels. Cultured stone is very similar to natural or cast stone. They are constructed with heavy aggregates and are still available in small pieces which make the installation a long process.

In the beautiful home before all the above hurdles have been avoided. This construction had a very plain vinyl siding material that did not provide the look the owners were looking for. Let's face it, we all have seen vinyl siding up-close and know how fake it looks.
Vinyl siding also doesn't provide the thermal insulation that stone siding in polyurethane can. Many don't realize it but the cost of installing a better material to cover your facade will save you money in utilities.

The customer was very excited when he first saw the samples and even more when the project was completed. The charm of faux stone can be added with a short weekend of work while staying within your budget. You will have the best looking house in the neighborhood.

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Quick tips to spruce up the house for Summer.

Posted on June 11, 2012

It is summertime and now is the time to treat yourself to a tropical oasis that you have always wanted. Most homeowners dread the idea of home improvement projects and the costs that are associated with them. Projects to add value to a residence are now more affordable and easier than ever. Spruce up the outside of the residence with a new waterfall or garden outside, or revitalize the interior of that old traditional office space with an accent wall or light fixtures.

During the summer is when most homeowners can find that extra time to finish those around the house projects that never were completed. Through faux stone panels, a wall or room can be transformed into a tropical oasis while saving money and time with installation. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from, that are suitable for all themes and project ideas. Faux stacked stone panels come waterproof and offer an insulating effect to help with cooling during the hot summer days. These faux stone sheets are the perfect complementary product to help change your home with the seasons. The in-depth colors and earth tones make these panels in high demand during the summertime.