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Tips On Saving Money And Time On Your Next Renovation

Posted on August 26, 2013

The do it yourself project has a new helper in the home improvement world. This helper is called Polyurethane. It is a hardened resin that is the basis for faux or imitation stone. This product pushes the envelope furthering the reach of anyone who wants to improve their home. When trying to redesign your home imagine being able to create a stone fireplace or stone skirting around your house without the actual labor cost and time to use natural stone. Labor costs could run about 1000-1100 dollars per every 19.2 hours of labor (according to, Homewyse updated January 2013). This does not include set up or clean up time. If you are having the project supervised by the contractor add about 12% to the total cost for their time. As you can see there many factors that come into play when using real stone and on top of it you may not get the great uniform look you wanted.

With all the labor costs involved, it is important to remember because you avoid the cost by doing the project yourself. Obviously, most people do not have masonry or advanced carpentry skills, therefore, making most projects impossible to do by themselves. The faux stone and brick products provide a different avenue for them by saving time and money. Plus it enables anybody to remodel their home.

Faux Sheet InstallationThe stacked or row panel design is simple to fit together and measure. It is easy to cut eliminating clean up and preparation work. This product is the best for anybody looking to spice up that boring basement or living room. Crafty people love to do projects that are easy and fun to do which is what makes this product a viable option not only for contractors and designers but for all kinds of people. People take pride in the work they do and the additions and unique modifications they make on their homes.

Installing Faux Stone Sheets

Installing Faux Stone Sheets

All you have to do is glue and go after making your cuts. These panels provide an easy way for the homeowner to improve their home without it becoming an arduous process. Taking a look at the different options when remodeling your home may scare away even the handiest people. This usually happens when presented with the work and time that it takes but imitation panels take care of all these problems effectively. Any quick look on the internet can give the reader a multitude of ideas that are pertaining to the task at hand.

When using this specific product for your project remember if you like the brick style there are faux brick panels available. The great thing about using faux brick is that you won’t get any cracks developing in the brick over time. In addition, you will not spend hours laying down the brick in an even pattern all you have to do is glue and go. It is highly recommended to use drywall screws in order to secure the panel as a secondary measure. Now is the time for renovations because with this product you have a sidekick to rescue your home from disrepair and boredom. Enjoy and remember to have fun doing it yourself, saving money, and saving time.