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Vacation at home : faux walls.

Posted on August 3, 2012

So now, in summertime we are all getting ready for vacations spending some quality time at the beach, resorts and spas, intertwining with nature and with ourselves.

Surely we all deserve a break and some peace after working for the whole year.

But how about keeping that sense of calm and peace at your own house. How?

Remodeling your house after coming back from vacation time could be a way for you to feel your vacation has extended at your own house!

Wouldn’t if feel good coming back from work and find a falling rain faux wall welcoming you?

You can close your eyes and just relax to the sound of the rain falling into the rocks. Few moments to just breathe and be present.  You don’t have to go anywhere else but this can happen at your house with the installation of artificial panels.

Antico Elements has an extended range of products that fit each and every taste. Imitations stones are molded on real rocks and they are painted by hand to make sure that you get a real feel when being around them.

It’s not that hard! You can easily do it yourself in few hours! Antico Elements customer representatives will be happy to guide you through the selection and installation of your products providing you an expert opinion on your remodeling sure, making sure that your choice of panels match the style of your house or work place.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want extend your vacation at your house?

We are a phone call away!

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Good energy, good home

Posted on July 20, 2012

Finding the right balance between human beings, building, and landscape. Harmony of walls and room. Connection of interior and exterior design

Oriental science of Feng Shiu and its starting point of the CHI, the breath of nature, believes that human being is energy connected to the physic world.

So the way that your home looks determines how your home feels.

That’s why it’s important to be making the right choice when it gets to remodeling a house using the beauty and the feel of stone.

If you want to have the same romantic and sophisticated look of real stone, but without the stress of actually taking care of them and hiring someone for the installation, then you should consider incorporating Antico Elements into your design project. Perfect for interior and exterior design.

You can go for harmony and balance using inspiring fake stone wall panels products, convenient and realistic:

The energy at your house needs to be positive and calm! Decorating with faux stone could be the nuance for a better living.

Let's take the above project as an example. This customer was unable to find the right material that could transform her ideas into reality. Even if such materials are available, they are not easy to install in such a project.

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