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Installation Benefits Of Faux Stone

Posted on September 18, 2012

The greatest quality of these products is that a person does not need to hire a mason to complete the installation, which will dramatically reduce the labor costs of the entire project. Have you ever seen someone lay down real stone or rock? It can be quite strenuous and stressful logging stones with heavy weights to them. The installation will also take hours to complete when working with real stone and rock. That time can now be cut in half when working with replica stone and replica rock because no preparation is needed and the panels come ready to be installed onto any surface.

Before river rock photo

When you are installing the products, we recommend starting from the bottom left corner and working your way right. The next row should start on the left-hand side and be worked to the right. We also offer the outlet trim and switch box to use to complement the panels and adjust to use for the switches and outlets.

The outer boundary of the panel comes with an insert on the top and sides for a stack-able option to reach whatever height measurement is needed.

Securing the panels is quite simple and can be done through the use of adhesives such as Liquid Nails or P & L Glue to name a couple. The adhesives should be applied to the back of the panels on the flat surface. It is also recommended that drywall screws be used as well to help secure the placement of the panels on any surface.

Many beautiful replica stone panels come painted in acrylic paint, where the paint serves as a natural protector against mildew and mold and helps to keep maintenance to a minimum.

The final product will come out immaculate.

After river rock photo

The use of Faux Rock and River Rock Panels in home improvement.

Posted on April 30, 2012

For thousands of years, humans have had a really closed relationship with rocks. They have been used for fireplaces, for cooking, for hunting and more importantly for construction of buildings. Even though times have changed and home construction uses very different elements and materials, homeowners, builders, and designers are still incorporating a river rock design.

River Rock Panels

Today, realistically speaking, creating a large accent with some natural rock products can be quite costly. Real rocks that are exposed and visually appealing are not easy to find, therefore the prices are quite high.

This is where these incredible faux rock products come into play. With faux rock panels, things are suddenly very different. They become more affordable and many are starting to reconsider their use in man areas.

These faux stone panels can now be used for a rock fireplace to create a full rock wall or just to cover the interior of a shower.

It is really amazing how much easier it is now for everyone to create a nice and incredibly realistic stone look with these rock panels. You can find quite a few different styles and colors at Antico Elements.
Another benefit of using faux rock is that shipping costs are greatly reduced due to the light-weight properties of the product.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these specific panels are designed to withstand water, sun, and all outdoor elements so they are safe to use anywhere.

These panels are not only used for fireplace and walls but also for smaller projects like the fire pit in the image below.

Crateing a small rock fire pit

The applications of faux rock panels are really endless. It can also include a rock wall that is used as a climbing rig, for a waterfall or even an accent in a pool or jacuzzi. Many other products are not able to resist water, sun rays, and temperatures as well as our faux rock panels and accessories.