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Why Use Imitation Brick Panels vs. Natural Brick

Posted on December 29, 2015

Real Brick Vs Faux Brick Wall Panels And Advantages

How do you make the decision of whether or not to use real or fake brick for your masterpiece? Which factors would contribute to that decision when considering both? For some this could be a difficult decision and yet for others it's as simple as taking a look at a few key points. Whether your trying to give a fresh new look to your home, or trying to give it to your business

The look and appeal of brick has attracted many people to that style. The problem is the limitations of natural brick far outweigh the benefits. This problem has been solved by the advent of faux brick products.

Uneven Brick wall

Uneven Brick wall

Take a look at the grout lines in the faux brick wall panels and observe how uneven, rustic and attractive they are. Real brick is extremely difficult and time consuming to repair. It requires a mason and the right brick.

Repairing a cracked brick in a wall consists of many long steps, plus it is very common for brick or stones to chip off and crack since they are extremely porous.

In some cases homeowners complained about excess dust from their brick slowly crumbling and dirtying their floors.  Another problem with natural elements is their porous structure allows for water and mold to get inside it.

Once the water finds a crevice to sit in, the mold develops. In addition, water turns into ice and it can crack the stone or brick leaving an unappealing scar on the once beautiful veneer. This has been accounted for by developers of faux brick wall panels.

Alternative products such as faux brick avoid this problem because they are water and mold resistant. Since the hardened resin of imitation products has a closed cell structure, none of the problems for natural elements listed above can affect the ultimate finished project. This enables it to be one of the most efficient products in the home improvement industry.

Antico White Brick

Antico White Brick

Using natural brick also brings a high transportation cost to the table because of the weight involved along with the labor involved in moving it. Since it is extremely heavy the contractor does charge for transportation costs, which is an extra expense that you have to worry about.

This also limits the kinds of projects that can be completed because the weight can bring down certain walls.

If you put too much weight on drywall, it will most definitely fail under the pressure resulting in a huge mess and the total loss of your wall.

Another  limitation for using real stone or brick is the height you are allowed to build. With polyurethane products, the weight is minimal so you can go as high as you want.

Unfortunately, there are many unseen obstacles and problems that come up with using real brick. The preparation takes a long time. There is also the cost of the labor which can run $30 per square foot. You can double check this in the local masonry guide. Fake brick or faux brick wall panels can help people save a ton of money. You can see how they look here

After the prep work is done then the measurements must be taken and the bricks set down on the mortar.

Each row is time consuming and tedious which adds on a higher labor cost. If I was a restaurant owner and I needed to be opened quickly, this method of construction would drastically slow down the project completion time.

The best alternatives look great and take less than a fraction of the time to complete. So not only is the restaurant owner losing money on labor costs but now losing time that the restaurant could be open. Don't get stuck using vinyl brick because it can not stand up to the test of time.

Antico brick-charcoal

Antico brick-charcoal

Essentially, using real brick would have hurt the project greatly by slowing it down. Different options like the imitation brick panels can greatly increase the speed of construction saving the owner thousands in the long run. Using other alternative brick styles like brick wallpaper or vinyl brick like the one in this picture can ruin a project over time.

Tips On Saving Money And Time On Your Next Renovation

Posted on August 26, 2013

The do it yourself project has a new helper in the home improvement world. This helper is called Polyurethane. It is a hardened resin that is the basis for faux or imitation stone. This product pushes the envelope furthering the reach of anyone who wants to improve their home. When trying to redesign your home imagine being able to create a stone fireplace or stone skirting around your house without the actual labor cost and time to use natural stone. Labor costs could run about 1000-1100 dollars per every 19.2 hours of labor (according to, Homewyse updated January 2013). This does not include set up or clean up time. If you are having the project supervised by the contractor add about 12% to the total cost for their time. As you can see there many factors that come into play when using real stone and on top of it you may not get the great uniform look you wanted.

With all the labor costs involved, it is important to remember because you avoid the cost by doing the project yourself. Obviously, most people do not have masonry or advanced carpentry skills, therefore, making most projects impossible to do by themselves. The faux stone and brick products provide a different avenue for them by saving time and money. Plus it enables anybody to remodel their home.

Faux Sheet InstallationThe stacked or row panel design is simple to fit together and measure. It is easy to cut eliminating clean up and preparation work. This product is the best for anybody looking to spice up that boring basement or living room. Crafty people love to do projects that are easy and fun to do which is what makes this product a viable option not only for contractors and designers but for all kinds of people. People take pride in the work they do and the additions and unique modifications they make on their homes.

Installing Faux Stone Sheets

Installing Faux Stone Sheets

All you have to do is glue and go after making your cuts. These panels provide an easy way for the homeowner to improve their home without it becoming an arduous process. Taking a look at the different options when remodeling your home may scare away even the handiest people. This usually happens when presented with the work and time that it takes but imitation panels take care of all these problems effectively. Any quick look on the internet can give the reader a multitude of ideas that are pertaining to the task at hand.

When using this specific product for your project remember if you like the brick style there are faux brick panels available. The great thing about using faux brick is that you won’t get any cracks developing in the brick over time. In addition, you will not spend hours laying down the brick in an even pattern all you have to do is glue and go. It is highly recommended to use drywall screws in order to secure the panel as a secondary measure. Now is the time for renovations because with this product you have a sidekick to rescue your home from disrepair and boredom. Enjoy and remember to have fun doing it yourself, saving money, and saving time.