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Divider Faux Stone Wall.

Posted on April 22, 2013

If there is an area alone that changes the entire look of the house, this must surely be the living room.

Many families today cannot afford a major renovation to give their homes a fresh new look. Now that spring is here we all try to find the money to start some sort of house project. Being indoors or outdoor, tweaking the family budget for home improvement can be the source of concern and stress.
Why not then consider an alternative that is both effective in reviving the look of your living room and save you money?

Think about the savings coming from the use of faux stone.

One part of your family room that can easily, quickly and cheaply reach the above goals is a divider wall. If you have a wall that divides different rooms, this is surely an area that is seen constantly, from different directions and that you could transform into a beautiful faux stone wall. Let’s take a look at this newly submitted project review.

A stone wall divider example

A stone wall divider example

With just a few pieces of faux stone, this DIY family was able to quickly and dramatically change the look of their home. Because of the addition of the top stone ledge trim they didn’t need to purchase panels and go all the way to the ceiling, rather they stopped at the same level as the doorways. You can take a look at the video below to see how simple it is to use faux stone.

Being that faux stone is incredibly versatile, they were also able to cut the panels in at the edge of the door with a skill saw and paint the edges to make them look like real stone.

As we said above, completing a DIY home project is now affordable to most families. Take a look at our CATALOG to see the different prices and faux stone on sale.