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Designing Without Boundaries.

Posted on February 13, 2014

“Freedom is within,” Frank Lloyd Wright spoke these undying words of wisdom when he was being interviewed about one of his latest architectural designs. These words ring true for everybody, but in this case, he was applying this paradigm to architectural design. Designing anything from buildings to interior rooms can be one of the most enlightening and difficult experiences anyone can have. It enables people to look within themselves. Exploring that freedom is great when you have the right tools and products that can be just as flexible as your imagination.

Designing without boundaries simply means letting go of previous misconceptions in order to embrace new ideas in the design industry. Many people regard new construction products and methods with skepticism. When people abandon their skepticism of new products then they will be able to enjoy the benefits of polyurethane architectural elements.

The point of the design is to enable people to combine their lifestyle and function into one seamless philosophy. Freedom of expression shouldn’t be constrained by financial parameters. Everybody should have the ability to drastically renovate their home or business without going over budget.

Designers have no boundaries when they use our product. Designers have to stay up to date on the latest most advanced methods for their projects. Designers also have to learn about the home improvement industry to understand what works. Satisfying the client is enough hard work which is why using products like imitation stone panels make the project a lot easier.

Stone Used In A TV Show

Stone Used In A TV Show

Designers have been flocking to imitation stone to get their stone projects completed on deadline and under-budget.

Designers have been looking for a product that allows them to design at their heart's content without worrying about it.

Polyurethane architectural elements are a great way to solve many of the problems designers face with traditional methods.

Now designers can create stone designs without having the hassle of dealing with a separate contractor. Designers especially love the fact that they can increase their profit margins but they can save a lot of money on installation. Since designers have more control over price and installation a lot of designers are really moving towards the polyurethane stone in order to complete their projects. There should be no boundaries in any design because the whole philosophy resonates with freedom of expression. That is why it is extremely important to use products that adhere to that philosophy.

Make Your Dream Home A Reality

Posted on November 12, 2013

Tips On Making Your Dream Home A Reality

Remodeling, renovating or building a home is a tricky process. There are many factors that play into the construction of the house. The main factor is money. Nine out of ten times money is the main mover and obstacle in some projects. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money and time in the building process. Using the newest products in the market can give you a leg up on your renovation. This article can help you create a vision for the way you want to fix your home.

Front Comes First

After Stone Cladding

After Stone Cladding

Fixing up the front of the house is essential in renovating any home because it creates the first impression. The front is how we express ourselves to the world therefore it should reflect who you are.

This is usually the reason why many people seek to modernize buy an older home. Homeowners that want to create a stone look for their house are usually scared away by the large installation, labor, and maintenance cost. They can avoid all three of these obstacles by using and installing imitation stone or brick panels.

Installing them outside or inside is no problem because they have a closed-cell structure that makes them impermeable. Polyurethane panels are durable and lightweight giving them the strength needed to be used on the foundation of a house and the durability to last without expensive maintenance. These panels can revolutionize the way a house looks from the front by creating the stone or brick design homeowners can give their home a great facelift for a quarter of the price it would normally cost.

Bad Backyard No Problem

Backyard Posts

Backyard Posts

The backyard is the place where family and friends socialize. It is usually the focal point for most homeowners because this is simply where they spend most of their free time. The backyard has some spots that easily reveal the age of the house.

Decks show aging signs more clearly because the posts supporting them require a lot of maintenance. The best option to cover up the posts is with post wraps which can create the best look for the lowest price. Using imitation stone to cover the posts is a great way to save money and make your backyard look great by hiding those bare and boring posts.

Fixing An Inferior Interior

The interior of the home is where the real magic happens. Unfortunately, most people fill their homes with furniture or miscellaneous items that don’t flow with the design of the house. This problem results in stressful clutter clogging up the free space of the house. Adding more clutter to the home is not the solution to fixing the interior in some cases less is more. Sometimes just getting the right stuff to go in the right places can speak volumes for a home.

Changing the color or texture of certain rooms can elevate the prestige and unique characteristics of the home. Using imitation stone or brick panels can help transform any room within an hour instead of days. The panels provide a whole new look to be enjoyed. They can even be applied in bathrooms since they are waterproof.

Making your dream home is a fun and exciting experience. It is important not to let your desires be curbed by financial constraints. Using products that don’t require skilled labor to install is important because it helps save money and time. Creating your dream home is possible by using the right products that can help make that dream become a reality.

What Makes A Good Design Trend?

Posted on September 26, 2013

Great trends can be summed up into two different factors. The two factors are style and functionality. These two qualities are usually the spark for a great design trend that takes the market by storm. Polyurethane panels embrace both of these factors to the fullest extent.

Functionality and elegance are some of the most important things in design. Adding special flair and unique characteristics to each project make a big difference when creating projects to use for your portfolio. Customers love it when their own house is used as a showcase.

Faux Stone Bathroom Example

Using these panels also create more design possibilities. They provide a chance to create a great textured stone look in places where the real stone could not be placed. The range of fixtures that can be added to the faux stone panels is limitless because the panels are easy to drill through without comprising the structural integrity of the panel.

Consumers are very happy with the results. Click Here to see some of their reviews.

Adding fixtures can create a beautiful ambiance in any room that is being remodeled, such as the fixtures in the picture above where they added beautiful shelves that complement the decor. Simply using a couple of strategically placed lamps can illuminate the unique texture of the panels creating a very appealing contemporary design. These faux stone panels can be used with any style from traditional to contemporary.

Function Meets Form

Functionality simply means using a product that is ascetically pleasing while serving an important function. Faux stone and brick panels provide a level of insulation due to the polyurethane composition which helps keep the cool inside on hot days and warmth inside on those cold winter days.

In addition, they are not difficult to use because they are easy to cut and put in place so after a couple of quick cuts any customer can have a newly remodeled room and more insulation.

The design above with faux stacked stone can be easily recreated with our Laguna Panels line

One of the main advantages of this product is the fact that it can be used in exterior and interior projects. Faux stone panels enable designers to do whatever they want with the product which can bring a wonderful stone look into any area of the home or business they are designing. The flexibility this product offers is great for designers because it helps bring them more customers by increasing their design options. So for your next project use stone panels in order to give you that creative edge everyone is looking for.

Redesigning Means Redefining

Posted on August 29, 2013

Redesigning Your Home Or Business Just Got Easy

Redefine your life and work by redesigning your home or workplace. Designers love to put their own style into every project they take care of because it gives them a chance to explore the boundaries of our world. Interior designers see it all the time, it is the look people get when they walk into a room and they are vivified by what they are enjoying with their eyes. Our eyes represent the window to our soul and designers’ goals are to attract that soul to the beauty or unique elements of their design. After enjoying countless art shows and furniture exhibitions a person comes to the conclusion that art and function go hand in hand. Combining art and function flawlessly is the key to making a happy customer. Designers from all over the spectrum have realized that a direct line to their customer’s ears is important but most important is being able to cater to your clients' desires.

American BedroomWhen deciding on a medium and mode with your clients it is essential to never use the words, “I can’t”. That phrase signifies a failure on the part of the designer for not being creative enough to give the client what they want therefore they may lose a client simply because they couldn't give them what they wanted. Realistically, there are limitations that just can’t be overcome but, for all of the other issues, there is always a way to resolve them in order to make everyone happy. In the planning stage of a project, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct medium for your design.

Happy Designs

Making people happy does not just mean giving somebody what they want but, also educating them on what is right for their project. Faux stone or brick bypasses a lot of these problems. For example, a client living in a penthouse who wants to build a fireplace may want to have a limestone or stone mantle and face for the fireplace. At this point, the designer could step in with a compliment on the idea while redirecting them back to reality.

In reality, you would need a carpenter and a mason in their penthouse all day for about two or three days if everything goes as planned. They would have to cover the floor and hope that none of the workers destroy the priceless white marble floors. Then the amount of dust brought on from the construction would require the workers to put a plastic sheet around doors and vents to prevent the massive amounts of dust from flying around the house making a constant mess. Then you have the loud noise brought on by the workers which not only prevents the client from enjoying their penthouse but it bothers the neighbors as well. Here is the good part, clients and designers can avoid all of this with a simple application of the cure-all remodeling tool which is faux stone or brick, even architectural elements can complement any project since the material is so versatile.

Trade Show Exhibit

Trade Show Exhibit

So for the next big project when the client asks for something that might seem impossible do not fret. Applying imitation stone or brick products do not look tacky or unprofessional when done right. Obviously, there are different grades of production and some companies may not produce the highest quality product like other companies but, do not let the bad apples ruin the batch because this is a great asset for designers in different fields. Polyurethane products come in hundreds of different forms and can be applied in many ways since it is waterproof and UV proof. This enables designers to cover up blank areas and make the project look great in a fraction of the time. Polyurethane once hardened is very durable and lightweight which makes it easy to handle which makes most designers happy to hear since they understand it is not labor-intensive. Design for life, love, and luxury and enjoy your next project.

Willing To Redesign Your Garden Wall? Try Alpi Stone wall

Posted on August 11, 2012

Today we would like to illustrate a beautiful and realistic product that has been on top of your sales lately: the realistic Alpi stone wall replica.

We see our clients being every day more satisfied with their choice of going with artificial stone when remodeling a project. They say the time they save for installation is unbelievable and also how the house or the outside of it can radically change from one day to another.

Take a look at this exterior design project and see how the garden acquires a completely different look once the installation of faux stone siding has been done.

faux stone siding

You can notice that the trendy new Alpi almond design gives a fresh and modern look to the garden wall, the stone looks real as Antico Elements works with only Made In USA high-quality material and the rock is actually molded from the real one and hand-painted to make sure that the final product meets all client expectation for a product that is realistic and beautiful.

Another good aspect of Antico Elements is that also complements like columns and corners are offered to you so that you can really install the stone on any kind of surface. Also because the product itself is very flexible and easy to cut.

We are satisfied when we can make our clients happy and for further questions and info don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you!

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Characteristic fake stone products for exterior design

Posted on July 23, 2012

After a week of hard work and running errands, how fantastic would it be to be able to indulge yourself little pleasures?

How relaxing would it be laying at the pool surrounded by the calm and beauty of rocks?

Take a look at one of Antico Elements' latest exterior design projects.

Doesn't this stone look real? Definitely it gives a SPA vibe to the outdoor space our client wanted to remodel.

But it is not a spa and you don't have to go and spend a fortune to get some relaxing time! You can do it at your house and you only need some of your time, few carpenter tools and the will of wanted to create a space that allows you to spend some calm quality time.

Our clients decided to go for the characteristic look of Alpi stone products, and he was more than happy with how the project turned out to be.

Besides looking elegant and beautiful, Antico Elements fake stone is convenient and realistic.

Sometimes a small detail can complete the space that you would like to remodel! And if you love the design of your home than it is all that matters! No need to be fancy and chase trends! Be faithful to what you love and what makes you feel good and in that way you would never make the wrong choice!

The importance of Faux Stone products.

Posted on July 20, 2012

Transforming a home or space is now easier than ever through the use of mock stone. These faux stone products can add flair and create an intimate ambiance in any given space. A great advantage of faux stone is that these panels are portable and can be installed and uninstalled very easily to change with themes or seasons. Many homeowners are jumping at these new innovative panels to create that natural look of stones or rocks without the headache of installation and labor costs.

Almond stone wall

Faux stone as an exterior option can help revitalize a residence in minutes. These products are durable enough to withstand different climates and temperatures, working as a protector while offering a stylish design. Many contractors and carpenters are fans of these faux stone products because it is very easy to put up and offers a cost-efficient alternative to real stones.

Interior design companies have become fans of faux stone over the years. Many companies look at these products as a great tool to dress up an area with. Designers have used these products in all building aspects from residential properties to commercial spaces to business offices. Faux stone can add a unique quality to any setting and can be installed on most applications through the use of screws and adhesives.

Another great advantage of this type of product is that there is a variety of styles and designs to choose from. These products are very Eco-friendly and work as a natural insulator when installed. There is minimal to no preparation needed with faux stone compared to that of real stones that may need backer boards, grouting, or even masonry work.