Stone Panels – The Better Way To Use Stone

OK, we all have the chance to either work with stone or admire a building that incorporated some nice stone accents. If the job is done correctly you will see a nice flow and a random pattern of the stones. If the job is done poorly you will probably notice big gaps and the horizontal lines that are not, horizontal. You can easily find jobs that used stone panels of either low quality or that are not easy to install. This is usually the reason why you see images like this one.

Low quality stone panels
Bad stone panels’ application

Yes, because of the current state of our economy we may focus on the cost of the materials rather than the way it will look at the end. This usually leads to the same amount of work or money paid for labor but with a result that we will never like. Although our stone panels may seem to have a similar cost per square foot of other materials, what sets them apart is that to accomplish the same quality job with real stone it will cost a fortune in installation. Using stone panels you add the professional and gorgeous look of stone in minutes. The parts will line up and interlock perfectly and in areas where you need to cut-to-fit, you can do so in a fraction of the time needed for other materials.

A good application of stone panels
A good application of stone panels

Not having these awful gaps also helps to preserve the material and the look for a longer time. When low-grade stone panels are used and gaps are the result, water can infiltrate and freeze and cause the product to detach from the wall and break.

Take your time to consider that cheap-quality materials sometimes are not the best thing for you.

You can see the higher quality stone panels in our CATALOG.

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