Stone Fireplace Designs And Remodel

Need Fireplace Ideas?

– Let us show you what you can create with our faux stone fireplace panels –

Whether you are planning to build a fireplace, go for a fireplace makeover of an existing one this page can help you plan the most important aspects; the look and savings!

Remember, we always have fake stone products on sale. Check out our SPECIALS

Stacked Stone Fireplace
Remodeled With Faux Stacked Stone Panels – Charcoal
Our Alpi Faux Stacked Stone In Sand
Our Laguna Faux Stacked Stone In Cappuccino

We offer refundable samples (with rebate) so that you can have something in your hands before purchasing our panels. The cost of the samples ordered will be subtracted from your next purchase and you will have a peace of mind before purchasing the full panels:

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Many of our customers have opted for our Faux Stone Panels, Dry Stack and Rock Panels to avoid expensive masonry work and time-consuming installations. Our Faux Stone Panels, River Rock and Fieldstone Panels are easy to install and can be used over existing surfaces like old bricks, wood, wall framing and are designed for interior and exterior uses.  Take a look at some examples below. You’ll appreciate the many advantages associated with our products. Finally, a faux fireplace is now very easy to create. Take a look at our Installation Page for fireplaces.

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Our Laguna Stone Panels

Cappuccino Color Laguna Panels
Cappuccino Color Laguna
Beach Color Laguna Panels
Beach Color Laguna

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Our Comiso Stone Panels

Sand Color Comiso
Sand Color Comiso (no longer available)
Gray Color Comiso
Gray Color Comiso (no longer available)

Another Beautiful Example Of The Comiso Faux Stone


Our Romana Stone Panels (no longer available)

Sand Color Romana
Sand Color Romana
Gray Color Romana
Gray Color Romana


Most of us at some point had to deal with the stress and frustration of purchasing expensive materials, hiring expensive contractors and have little control over the process and the results of a remodeling project. Now there’s an easy way to do it that saves you time and money. No need for costly culture stone and heavy Stacked stone.

Whether you’re interested in a complete Fireplace Remodel or Fireplace Reface or a new Fireplace – Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace and Brick Fireplace, look below for more ideas and accessories to create a great looking Faux Stone Fireplace using Antico Elements’ products :

Our Castello Stone Panels (no longer available)

Sand Color Castello
Sand Color Castello
Gray Color Castello
Gray Color Castello


We also have many accessories to add a more refined look to your project:


You can view and purchase all of our products using our very secure shopping cart. We provide excellent customer service and support via Live Help, email or telephone. Please visit our Blog to read more about the many benefits of our products and our company:

Refundable Samples

One thing to note is that these products are made of high-density Polyurethane, which is a resin. We strongly suggest taking into consideration the heat emanating from a fireplace or stove. If you are not comfortable with having hardwood at that distance, maybe you need a larger clearance between our panels and the heat source. Although our products can be ordered in fire-rated, this option doesn’t make them completely heat-resistant or fire-proof. The best thing to do is to order a sample and run a test.

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  1. We have received a very nice compliment today: ” Your product looks really good. Actually I haven’t seen a product this good in a long time”.

    It’s always great receiving suck acknowledgments for the great work and resources we employed in developing our products.

    Apparently it shows. Thanks to all for your kind words and business!

  2. We are about to offer our touch up kits on the web site. We’ll be sending a message to all our customers. Stay tuned!

  3. Hello. We have replaced the old Stone Panel Samples with some brand NEW ones. They are more representative of the actual panels. They show the crisp and realistic textures you will find in our panels and they also show the top and side lip. On the side you will now notice the name of the stone type clearly stamped.
    Please follow the link for more info:

  4. We are happy to hear from our customers, over and over, that they wasted a lot of time by looking for Faux Stone Panels at Home Depot, Lowes and other hardware stores. Representatives from these stores actually call us to ask if we can sell our panels to their customers. We are very proud of the products we sell and comments like this are very gratifying!

    What you may see around:
    What you can find aroud

    What you get from us for less:
    What you get from us for less.

  5. I like your blog. This products goes well with out fireplace mantle.

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