Redesigning Means Redefining

Redesigning Your Home Or Business Just Got Easy

Redefine your life and work by redesigning your home or workplace. Designers love to put their own style into every project they take care of because it gives them a chance to explore the boundaries of our world. Interior designers see it all the time, it is the look people get when they walk into a room and they are vivified by what they are enjoying with their eyes. Our eyes represent the window to our soul and designers’ goals are to attract that soul to the beauty or unique elements of their design. After enjoying countless art shows and furniture exhibitions a person comes to the conclusion that art and function go hand in hand. Combining art and function flawlessly is the key to making a happy customer. Designers from all over the spectrum have realized that a direct line to their customer’s ears is important but most important is being able to cater to your clients’ desires.

American BedroomWhen deciding on a medium and mode with your clients it is essential to never use the words, “I can’t”. That phrase signifies a failure on the part of the designer for not being creative enough to give the client what they want therefore they may lose a client simply because they couldn’t give them what they wanted. Realistically, there are limitations that just can’t be overcome but, for all of the other issues, there is always a way to resolve them in order to make everyone happy. In the planning stage of a project, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct medium for your design.

Happy Designs

Making people happy does not just mean giving somebody what they want but, also educating them on what is right for their project. Faux stone or brick bypasses a lot of these problems. For example, a client living in a penthouse who wants to build a fireplace may want to have a limestone or stone mantle and face for the fireplace. At this point, the designer could step in with a compliment on the idea while redirecting them back to reality.

In reality, you would need a carpenter and a mason in their penthouse all day for about two or three days if everything goes as planned. They would have to cover the floor and hope that none of the workers destroy the priceless white marble floors. Then the amount of dust brought on from the construction would require the workers to put a plastic sheet around doors and vents to prevent the massive amounts of dust from flying around the house making a constant mess. Then you have the loud noise brought on by the workers which not only prevents the client from enjoying their penthouse but it bothers the neighbors as well. Here is the good part, clients and designers can avoid all of this with a simple application of the cure-all remodeling tool which is faux stone or brick, even architectural elements can complement any project since the material is so versatile.

Trade Show Exhibit
Trade Show Exhibit

So for the next big project when the client asks for something that might seem impossible do not fret. Applying imitation stone or brick products do not look tacky or unprofessional when done right. Obviously, there are different grades of production and some companies may not produce the highest quality product like other companies but, do not let the bad apples ruin the batch because this is a great asset for designers in different fields. Polyurethane products come in hundreds of different forms and can be applied in many ways since it is waterproof and UV proof. This enables designers to cover up blank areas and make the project look great in a fraction of the time. Polyurethane once hardened is very durable and lightweight which makes it easy to handle which makes most designers happy to hear since they understand it is not labor-intensive. Design for life, love, and luxury and enjoy your next project.

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