Real Stone And Brick Or Faux

Very often our great followers, clients, and supporters ask us what the differences are between “real” stone or brick and the faux versions.

Often, they include in the question a phrase like “how does your product compare to real stone and brick prices?”.
The first thing we bring up is the difference between real and cast. Many of them are not aware of the difference between a stone that has been extracted from a quarry and a stone that has been cast with the use of concrete or even gypsum.

This is an essential distinction because the real stone is not affordable but cast stone is priced based on the durability and look.

We have always had one goal in mind, provide a great product at a great price.

Our brick and stone panels always look realistic because we start by creating molds from real products. For example, in the image below you can see how we order real Chicago style reclaimed brick from demolished buildings.
The parts that come out of our molds reproduce every detail of the original material.


Many companies only resell products and some simply take some of ours and copy them, creating a second or third-generation product. It shows!
We manufacture our products in-house, so we control the quality.

There are also other products used to compare to ours.
Wall Paper
Vinyl Sheets
Printed Or Press Cardboard

We want to remind our followers of how they look:

Concrete Blocks
Concrete Blocks

Once we make our initial educational speech our customers feel a lot more informed and comfortable in making a decision.

It is also true that many of them call us or come to our showroom with a smile on their faces and then say:” do you know how long we’ve been looking for a product like yours?? ”.

For those who need a realistic-looking brick or stone accent, at an affordable price point, we are here to answer any question.

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8 thoughts on “Real Stone And Brick Or Faux”

  1. As a matter of fact we did go to wallpaper route. It was more like a vinyl product and as you showed in a previous article it started to peel off. It’s really sad looking now.
    The problem is that now we spent the $$ in our budget. Next time I’ll have to do more research.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Be careful because the stones you find in some places are not real. A local company wanted to sell it to us as real stone but they were blocks of concrete made to look like stone.
    We were very pleased with they way made our panels. Much more realistic. You get what you pay for.
    My two cents worth.

  3. Man, until I started using stone polyurethane panels I never realized how bad some other products can be. Those concrete blocks that look like stone look really cheap.

  4. I don’t know how people can call those block “real stone” !
    It’s a disgrace to the trade LOL.

    They are just blocks of concrete poured on a mold. The polyurethane faux paneling look way better.

  5. I’ve been looking for this faux stone products for ages.
    Are they available in Canada? How do I go about seeing it in person?

  6. Hello.
    Actually, our panels are almost an exact representation of real brick. They are made in one solid piece of polyurethane. They may give the impression of real bricks glued to a substrate but they’re not. We do all the work in our plant so that all you have to do is glue and screw the faux brick panels in place.

    Thank you for the question.

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