Porch Design Ideas using Column And Post Wraps

 The Staple For the All American Home Is The Porch.

Classic American Porch
Classic American Porch

The American dream is defined by that picturesque porch with its strong columns and beautiful facing. Now the homeowner who needs new ideas on how to bring that dead porch back to life has helped. The help comes in the form of faux stone or brick. Faux or imitation stone and brick can drastically change and redefine that beautiful porch of yours. Now you can grab that great stone look for your columns or face for less than half the price without the headache.

The porch defines the personality and character of the home. It can make a home look menacing and sinister or it can be bright and inviting. Either way, the porch sets the mood and ambiance of the home. This is why many people like to paint or fix up their porch when they move into a new home or if they want to spruce up their homes. The best way to do this is by using faux stone or brick to give you the look of a large construction project even though it only takes less than half a day. Take a look at the blank canvas of a porch shown below.

This blank porch example shows us the pitfall of having a porch that is not reaching its true potential. You walk into a house that is unexciting, blank, and lacking character this could mean the loss of a sale for the realtor or homeowner since nobody would feel like buying this house or will they even remember it as they search for houses. The goal of remodeling the porch is to redefine the character of the house. By utilizing faux stone or brick you can remodel your house quickly and at a low cost.

Adding faux stone also helps raise the value to your house while saving you the large cost associated with natural stone implementation. Take a look at the house below and we can see the difference in the effect created and the way it can radically change the perception of a house.

Front Porch
Front Porch

Giving your porch a facelift has never been easier. With an idea and concept you can imagine imitation stone or brick can reach its full potential. Bringing your porch back to life never got easier with all the choices from sand style to brick-style anything is possible which is why people are falling in love with these products.  For example, column wraps are great ways to cover unwanted blemishes or bad paint. The column wraps simply interlock with each other and can easily be cut to fit the size of the project. This is a great way to wrap up your porch with beautiful texture and color reviving the life on your porch.

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