New Trends In Interior & Exterior Design.

New Trends Means New  Opportunity.

New Trends In Interior & Exterior Design.

The conversation among designers in the furniture, architecture, and interior/exterior design industry have all recognized and felt the change. Perhaps due to a rough economy people have started to change their style by switching from expensive loud designs to more rustic utilitarian styles. In this day and ageless is more and many people have recognized this. In some of the most beautiful hotels or resorts around the world, they have switched from elaborate loud designs to more rustic elements with subtle hints of color. These designs emphasize quality and earthy tones such as these faux stone columns which were built in a fraction of the time of real stone and look even better due to the even continuous flow of the pattern and grout lines. These multicolored stones reflect the landscape and highlight the beauty and tranquility of the setting by matching with nature instead of clashing with it.

white-chicago-brickMost urban hotels embrace the modern utilitarian style which has been thoroughly enhanced with the use of polyurethane products. For example, designers like Saccarro furniture inc., as well as others, have thoroughly embraced the use of faux stone or brick to create that rustic texture without sacrificing the utilitarian style.

In the picture below we can see how this product can be applied in many different styles. Businesses are a great way to reflect the direction of interior and exterior design. With the rejuvenation of the economy, a new generation of designers and builders have come to light. Various buildings are being built around the world that reflect the change in style towards a modern, sleek yet utilitarian style. These elements have been enhanced and complemented by the use of faux stone or brick. Designers have started to apply faux stone or brick to their designs to bring that rustic look to life in their projects.

Bar Design With Stone
Bar Design With Stone

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