Installation Of Switch And Outlet Trim.

Antico Elements` Switch, Outlet, and Fixture Trim Boxes are designed to move all electrical parts from the wall level to the stone level and flush with the front of our stone product. This dramatically increases the realistic look of the project.

They can be installed VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY to accommodate one or more fixtures. We have only one Switch Trim product.

Switch trim / boxSwitch trim / box

Before installations:

Tools needed: ( same as wood cutting tools )

• Measuring tape and pencil
• Table saw, circular saw, miter saw,  jigsaw, etc. You can use any blade designed for wood. Our material is very friendly.
• Nails or screws ( exterior grade if used outdoor and masonry screws for brick, concrete, etc)
• Nail set
• Hammer (or screwdriver/drill if using screws)
• Level
• Framing square
• Chalk line
• Construction adhesive, E.G: Liquid Nails, PL, etc.
• Safety Glasses

Installing parts:

REMEMBER, you may click on the images below to enlarge them. Click the “Back” browser button to come back to this page.

Start your panels and accessories installation as usual and pause when you are getting to an outlet, switch, or fixture.

Lay your next panel by the switch.
Transfer the location of the switch on the panel that will go in front of it. Place the Switch Box in the center of that measurement. With a pencil trace the outline of the Box onto the panel.

With a jigsaw cut a hole around the pencil line. We suggest cutting inside the pencil line. The opening should line up with the existing switch. Try to slide the Switch Box in the opening to test the accuracy of the cut. It might need some sanding and filing to make them fit

Make sure to turn off the electricity going to the outlet. Cut a hole in the center of the Switch Box, large enough to pull the switch through it. Make sure not to make the hole too big otherwise it might show around the faceplate. Remove the faceplate and unscrew the switch from the electrical box.

Pull the switch through the hole created and screw it on our Switch Box. The wiring is usually long enough for this.

You can now put some adhesive around the opening of the stone panel and slide the Switch Box through it.
Pull the Box in-out to make sure that all the exposed edges on the panels are covered by the box.
Use some nails or screws to hold the box in place. In some cases, there may be the need for some caulking to close gaps between the Box and the stone panels. If the color of the caulk doesn’t match, you may always use one of our Touch-Up Kits.

Now you can install the faceplate back.

If you have more than one switch or outlet you may install our Switch Trim horizontally to fit more of them. If you have a very large fixture or multiple outlets/switches, you may combine two or more Switch Trim and make a larger one.
By rotating our Trim horizontally you should be able to house at least 2-3 switches.

For exterior applications, we suggest caulking the edges where water could penetrate.


Feel free to request additions and modifications to these instructions. Send us a comment via email to info(insert @ here)

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