Improve Your Ultimate Fun Room!

Now it’s easier than ever to transform any room into the ultimate entertainment area for friends and family. Faux stone can have a huge impact on an area and give your fun room the treatment that is needed to be unique and one of a kind! Installation is made easy with the use of construction adhesives (ex. Liquid Nails ) and combined with screws to secure the placement of the panels. The ease of installation can ultimately omit the need for a contractor and labor costs.


These products are geared towards homeowners that have a “Do it Yourself” attitude when it comes to installing the panels. All that is needed for an installation project are basic carpenter skills such as screwing, measuring and gluing. There are minor installation requirements where only construction adhesives and screws are needed for panel placement. Anyone can turn extra space in a house into a great gathering room to share priceless memories in!

Let’s be honest, most of us would feel proud to say “I did it!”.
With Antico Elements’ faux products anyone can say it. We designed these products so that anyone with basic skills can start and finish a project.

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