Imitation Brick Paneling For Siding And Home Skirting

There was a time when homes were built on a foundation of real rocks and bricks. That was not only time consuming but expensive and it would let humidity and cold rise to the house floor.

Today we have learned to raise and isolate homes and all kinds of buildings from the floor.
This presents different but smaller challenges. There is a crawl space beneath the home that needs to be covered with affordable and visually appealing products.

Thankfully companies like Antico Elements come to the rescue!

We have created imitation sheets of brick that look incredibly real and beautiful.

Faux Siding And Skirting Panels
Faux Siding And Skirting Brick Panels In Tan Color

Because of the nature of these faux sheets, whether they have the look of rock, wood or brick, they can be quickly and easily used around the home skirting area or on a whole façade.
Above you can see a beautiful example of such installation, where the customer was so excited that he posted photos in different places.

Close-Up Of The Tan Panels
Close-Up Of The Tan Panels

We understand that siding installers are a bit reluctant to try new products but we have seen so many of them taking the first step toward the use of faux brick panels and never going back to vinyl looking products.

These sheets are not Styrofoam, on the contrary, they are made of a very dense resin that is designed to be waterproof and is treated with multiple layers of exterior acrylic paints.

There is no hardware required, like metal channels or clips.
They can be put directly over the framing between the bottom of the house and the ground. Some homeowners use cinderblocks, some simply aluminum or galvanized studs and install the faux brick directly on them.

More Info About This Product
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The only problem with this solution is making consumers seeing it. Once they do, they never use anything else.

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7 thoughts on “Imitation Brick Paneling For Siding And Home Skirting”

  1. Greetings.
    I’m wondering how these faux bricks paneling were attached to the house.
    What is behind the panels? Concrete, studs..?

    Looking forward to your answer.

  2. Hello there!
    From our records that house was sitting on a cinder block foundation. The faux brick panels can be attached directly to concrete with power nails and adhesive or using furring strip.
    In the absence of a substrate you may create a frame using pressure treated 2x4s or metal studs.
    It is a very simple process.
    You may read more about installation in our installation pages or simply give us a call:
    Installation Pages

    Thank you for your question!

  3. Hello there.
    With those dimensions you could possibly consider 45 panels of that faux brick. We have added a couple of them to give you some extra product to create corners and turns.
    The instructions can be found HERE.
    Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

    Thank you!

  4. How were the corners created in the picture above? Do you have corner pieces or…..?


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