Faux stone for basements and wine bars

Our client wanted to give a realistic home and warm feeling background to his wine bar. So he decided to go for “Romana” faux stone panels.

These panels are unique in a fashionable way, as they are hand-painted and the stone actually looks like they have been laid manually on top of each other.

By using realistic fake stone products instead of real ones you can be creative and functional at the same time.  As our client said the stylistic change in his room, using our stone, is the crown jewel of his wine bar area and it has dramatically enhanced the beauty of the entire room.

The application of a new design scheme can be inspiring, new ideas can come to you while having your glass of wine if you sit down in a fascinating environment.

The cozy atmosphere together with the tastefully arranged faux Romana panels definitely brings a sense of “peace and harmony” to the room. Friends and family when they see the final product they believe they are real stone, and that is one of the goals of Antico Elements: providing beauty and comfort at the same time.

Our focus is to provide an innovative and unique solution for every project whether it is a restaurant, hotel, office or a luxury home. Our ability and experience in selecting the most appropriate design elements and utilizing them to produce an innovative solution is the key to our success in this industry.

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