How To Create A Return (cover exposed edges)

Antico Elements` Stone Panels are designed to interlock on all sides to create a seamless look.
When it comes to covering exposed edges after a cut, you have different options :

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1- Use our Trim, which is very easy to install:

Install our trim first and cut the panels to butt against it:


The trim is about 1/8″ thicker than the panel and it will cover all exposed edges.


2- Cut the end of the panel at 45 degrees and create a “return” as shown in the photos below:

Tools needed: ( same as wood cutting tools )

• Measuring tape and pencil
• Table saw, circular saw, miter saw,  jigsaw, etc. You can use any blade designed for wood. Our material is very friendly.
• Nails or screws ( exterior grade if used outdoor)
• Hammer (or screwdriver/drill if using screws)
• Level
• Construction adhesive, E.G: Liquid Nails or PL.
• Safety Glasses

As mentioned above, the ideal saw for this particular project is a table saw BUT you can also use a circular saw with a straight edge.
The two important things to consider in order to create a professional-looking return are:
1- You must miter the edges of the panels that will create the return,
2- Both sides of the return should come from the same panel so that the stones will line up.

Start by measuring where to cut the front side of the panel. Remember that you should always measure and mark the FRONT of the panels for this type of cut. After the cut, the backside should be shorter than the front.

Cut the panel at 45^ on the side where you want to create the Return. Put away the good section.
Take the leftover section.
Cut the leftover section at 45 degrees and remove the “triangle” piece from the BACK.


Now cut the other side straight, at as wide as the thickness of the panel, to create the “triangle” piece shown below.

Miter the return piece
If using the same panel, with continuous pieces, the stones will match nicely at the tip.

Now you may glue the piece to the panel and to the wall and use some finishing nails.

gluing the return

Using a file or sandpaper, smooth out the edges and excess material. If both sides of the return come from the same panel you should have very little to sand.

If necessary use some caulking to seal the gaps and cover to exposed material.
Our Touch-Up Kit can be used to cover the caulk and the sanded areas by matching every color of the stones. Click HERE to view the instructions on how to use our Touch-Up Kit.


1- This type of cut will require an advanced skill level with a table saw.

2- Our Trim is a much easier way to cap an exposed edge but it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Congratulations! Your job is done and you can now enjoy an incredibly realistic stone look.

As always, we are available for questions and assistance at any step of your project.
Thank you.  Antico Elements.

Feel free to request additions and modifications to these instructions. Send us a comment via email to info(insert @ here)

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