Covering Foundations With Faux Stone Panels

Contractors and homeowners agree that the foundation of a home is the most important part but, it is also the most neglected. Fixing the foundation requires a lot of construction to ensure the foundation is safe and solid. Unfortunately, after all the work is done there are usually unappealing gaps that show signs of recent construction.

The most attractive method to cover up exposed foundations and insulate the home at the same time is by utilizing stone or brick veneer panels. This way the house not only looks great but also saves the customer time and money by using this easy to install the product.

The only preparation required is measuring the dimensions to establish how many panels the project requires. Then simply cut the panels as you adhere them to the surface. Once you are ready to install the panels simply glue and go.

The panels can be glued or screwed into the surface of the house. It takes less than half a day to install which is great because nobody wants to have ongoing construction on their property. Click here to check out our installation guide so you can see how easy it is.

The basic siding options include but are not limited to vinyl, brick or synthetic stucco. All of these falls short of faux stone or veneer brick panels. When considering all the options and maintenance costs involved the logical choice is faux stone panels.

Contractors have a better medium to work with.

Contractors all over the world know that making a house look great after they finish construction is all that the client cares about. Customers want a fair price and a great result which is exactly what this product offers. Their clients also want the project completed quickly which is why faux sheets or panels represent the best option for covering foundations quickly.

Faux stone and brick products enable contractors to cover blank pieces of cinder block or concrete sections that they just finished building for the client.

If the client complains about how long a project may take then the contractor can turn to faux rock panels for their project so they can finish faster. When contractors use the imitation stone or brick products they save time and money because installation is so easy.

In life the best thing to have is balance and this product provides a great balance for the consumer because not only does it do away with expensive installation costs but it also looks amazing on any house, in any style, and in any climate. This is a versatile product that could make contractors’ lives easier. If you or someone you know needs to have their foundation covered save them money and time for that project by referring to faux stone and brick panels.

faux stone siding

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