Convenient faux rock panels: time and money saving

Antico Elements is practical and convenient from many points of view.

Antico’s beautiful and innovative faux rock panels are easy to deal with, light, molded on real rock, hand painted. Very quick installation (you can do it yourself with simple carpenter tools).

But most important is that the price per square foot goes from $8 to $10.  If you research around the web you can see that the price we offer is very convenient compare to other companies and also we always have great discounts. The biggest advantage derives from the large saving during installation and maintenance.

So if you would like to have your living room wall remodeled, for example, you could get it done for a very reasonable price.

If you take a look at these photos you can see how good and innovative this style of Alpi rocks makes the wall looks.


The cost of the entire project was below $600 and it gave a completely different look at our client’s house.

Cost-effective and time-saving Antico Elements can give you the answer you were waiting for.

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