Charcoal brick panels

Choosing the best wall paneling

When dressing up a wall with products like 3D wall panels, imitation brick or stone paneling during a DIY Stone Wall project, we should consider a few variables.

  • The look we want to create.
  • The budget available.
  • The skillset of the installer
  • How much time do we have to work on the project.
  • The level of detail of the finished product (including the visible joints)
  • Realistic look and feel.

One or more of these variables can be shared by multiple products but others are only present on some specific stone wall panels on the market.

Charcoal brick wall decor paneling

For example, if a homeowner wants to look at a wall and feel like he/she has a real brick wall, they need to consider either the very time-consuming brick veneer or faux brick paneling.

Even If the budget is limited, or if money is not an issue, the buyer doesn’t want to feel like throwing money in the wind. They should consider panels that are affordable and quick to install. If a homeowner doesn’t have time to do the work, a handyman won’t charge an arm and a leg to install them.

Installing real brick

Materials like cast stone (small sections of cast concrete), real stone, or 3D wall panels, require e long and detailed work around the joints. In the case of stone and brick, those joints would be many. 3D panels have issues with joints because they are straight and often fall on a part of the panel where the texture is smooth. The joint therefore is always visible. Interlocking stone panels, on the other hand, have uneven/irregular edges so the joints blend very well with the rest of the panels.

Visible Cracks

Those consumers who tried vinyl rolls printed with a stone and brick pattern are always disappointed. For a stone or brick accent, you need a depth of texture to look real. The best ones are those of 3/4” or more. You may also want to consider the way products are manufactured. Imitation stone panels are produced with molds. These molds are created using real brick and stone, therefore the molded parts reproduce the exact look of the original materials. These panels are also hand-painted by real workers, so the faux paint effect is great.

Stone Project With Veneer Panels
How beautiful a corner joint can look.

It really pays off to do some research before embarking on such remodeling projects.

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