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Save Time And Money On Home Renovations

Posted on November 6, 2013

Fixer Upper

Buying a home is a daunting task but fixing it is even scarier. Contractors can charge a high price for labor and it may take a long time to finish which can make the labor cost even higher.  Some homeowners even give up halfway through the construction process because of the high bills that they didn't expect.  Fortunately, some of the most creative designs can bring about the most creative solutions to your fixer-upper dilemma.

There are plenty of ways to make the house look great, from using a new coat of paint or additions on the house like an extra bedroom.

Thankfully, there is an alternative that doesn't include expensive time-consuming methods that can easily go over budget.

The best solution would be using imitation stone panels to cover any flat surface from the bathroom to the kitchen. This a great way to turn an old boring house into a beautiful work of art.



The problem with conventional methods is the time and money it takes to complete. In most cases, time is money, literally. Choosing a method that not only adds great depth in color and texture but also saves money and time is crucial to finishing the project. Paint fades and is very messy but faux stone panels create a new atmosphere without the huge cleanup process.

Making an addition to a house is costly in materials and labor. The main cost is time. Of course, everybody wants to save time especially if they are trying to resell the house. The time factor is one of the largest reasons people don’t follow through with renovations for their house.

Synthetic Stone Saves Time And Money

Save money and time with the quick and easy installation of fake stone panels because they are so easy to install it takes only a fraction of time. For more info and visual details on the simple installation process click here. There are many benefits of using these panels such as no maintenance cost. Using panels as siding not only increases the energy efficiency of your home but the curb appeal. It helps insulate the home whether they are placed in the interior or the exterior.

Now homes can be revamped to look their best without the exorbitant cost of using a contractor or large construction crew. The goal of most people who renovate their homes is to avoid unnecessary expenses. The best way to do this is by doing as much of the work possible without hiring anybody else.



Modern Faux Stone Fireplace

Posted on September 13, 2013

Over the years fireplaces have been an iconic symbol for each generation. Although, they have changed over the years and each time they always reflect the architectural philosophy of that generation. Everybody who has had a fireplace in their home remembers the cozy feeling it inspired. It brings warmth to the home besides the heat the fire brings. Everyone sits around the fireplace talks and laughs and shares Christmas presents or plays with their children. The fireplaces now have changed considerably with different technology.

New technology has changed the look and feel of fireplaces by making them safer and cleaner. With a whole new variety of new styles of fireplaces, a new contemporary design comes into play. Now many designers and homeowners are changing their fireplace by using faux stone products.

Faux Stone Fireplace

Faux Stone Fireplace

Antico fireplace

Antico fireplace

Designers are taking advantage of the benefits offered by faux stone products. The modern fireplace has been revolutionized. The trend is redefining the way the American fireplace looks by creating a utilitarian look with a contemporary edge. Faux stone products can easily go around the fireplace and even be used to create a mantle.

The versatility of this product is best explained when you examine the various methods it can be applied. In the fireplace setting, it can wrap around the corners and go right up to the ceiling with any problem. But one of the greatest things about this product is you can add fixtures such as lights through the panels. With stone, you must make a sacrifice because you can’t drill straight through stone and put lamps or mirrors on it. With the faux stone panels, people can easily drill through and anchor whatever they want into the panels.

Fireplaces are not complete without some form of mantle. Where else would everybody hang the stockings and put up albums of their family? The mantle plays a large role in the room due to the albums and ornaments that adorn it. When people pass by the mantle usually a long parade of smiles and hugs dot the pictures above the fireplace. This was very special to me as a child because every Christmas we always added our new albums to the mantle highlighting the fun we had that year. These important pieces of our lives should be revered. Remodeling the traditional fireplace with a modern touch is made easy when using faux stone because you can take that boring blank space around the fireplace and create a masterpiece of design in under a day.

The modern fireplace is still evolving. Many homeowners have adopted the faux stone approach because it is a cheaper way to remodel the fireplace. Most people have been purchasing the newer versions of fireplaces which complements the design theory of the faux stone method because after the easy installation most people love the great look it creates. Save time and money while making your house into a cozy home. Escape from the trouble of the world and warm up by your new fireplace enjoy the great textures and colors brought on by the faux stone.

Fireplace Makeover

Posted on August 23, 2013

The fireplace is usually a dominant characteristic of any home. Its central location in the home guarantees every guest will see it. The fireplace is iconic so using a unique design to make your home a little cozier is important. When most people buy a home they like to make it unique. Fireplaces represent the most common icon of any home because it usually is the first thing people see when they step into a home.

Before Faux stone fireplace:
Fireplace before faux stone installed around it

When considering changing or decorating your fireplace consider using faux stone if you plan to do it yourself. Any fireplace can be easily transformed in a day with the faux stone panels. The greatest advantage is the diversity of different colors and textures that you can apply. The paint will fade and create a mess and stress in the process. Replacing the whole fireplace set or columns etc. will be expensive, tedious, and messy. The best way to avoid this and save money and time is simply using faux stone or brick to accentuate and revolutionize your fireplace.

The durable material is called polyurethane. It should still be kept at least five to six inches from the heat source. There have been many people who had extra masonry done around their fireplace, yet they constantly complain about how long it takes and how much dust was bothering them. For any design purpose faux stone or brick could be applied to the fireplace. We could take a plain beige wall and white fireplace and transform it into one of the most appealing and unique fireplaces in any home.  Find your color theme then establish the mood you want to set. Then take your measurements and just apply it to the surfaces. Within one day you have a new fireplace. The best feeling is knowing that you did it yourself and saved money while beautifying your home and increasing its unique qualities and characteristics.

Remodeled Fireplace

Remodeled Fireplace

When redesigning your fireplace take a look at the edges and the furniture. Observe the colors you have in the room and the texture. If you want to change the color and texture faux stone or brick can do both. Redesigning is also redefining your living space and lifestyle. By creating your version you are putting yourself in the designer’s seat so have fun and explore your options. Once enough research has been done the logical conclusion will be to use the faux stone if you want to contrast or accent the fireplace in your humble abode. Good luck and have fun with your project.  For more great ideas check out this link -

The Ultimate Interior and Exterior Design Makeover Product.

Posted on August 22, 2013
Example of faux stone fireplace.

Example of a faux stone fireplace.

Faux stone has been in the home improvement market for about five to six years. Since then it has substantially increased in sales due to the fact that is the ultimate medium for decorating interior or exterior sections of your house without sacrificing time and labor cost. For any room in any size and shape faux stone can be applied. Some of the most amazing applications are the use of faux stone in a shower, yes even in a shower.

There are no ends to it application. Another great interior example is the use of it on a ceiling. This gives the occupant of the room the feeling that they are in a beautiful earthy cabin with stone walls and a stone ceiling, thereby transforming a dead and tired master bedroom into a luxurious oasis from the stress of the day.

Just above the text is a great picture of the different uses of faux stone to revitalize a boring looking fireplace into a luxurious cozy place to relax and socialize. A great example of the variety of interior uses was the application to a bar. The homeowner was tired of looking at a plain unappealing bar for his den. The bar itself was a curved surface with a span of ten feet. Faux stone can be slightly molded and bent to fit the curve of the bar. The homeowner was incredibly pleased with himself now boasting he had built his beautiful bar. The faux stone gave it not only gave it a modern look but also was easy to install. Interior design was revolutionized with this product. Interior designers or set designers can easily use and reuse faux stone to transform any room or set.

Some of the biggest projects are done on the exterior of the house. These projects help make the home unique and more pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes people hide chipped paint or faded areas of the house with faux stone giving it a durable and long-lasting clean fresh look. Many people love the versatility of faux stone and the value and depth it adds to any home. From mobile home skirting to column wrapping just about anything on the exterior can be reshaped and transformed with the use of faux stone. With simple measurements a couple of simple tools, anybody can change their house into a home. The difference is the personalization and customization of the house thereby making it your unique home. So if you were thinking of renovating or simply adding value to your home faux stone provides the easiest, fastest, and best way to do that while saving money.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Fireplace With Faux Stacked Stone Panels Facing

How To Build A Stone Fireplace Without Using A Mason

Posted on July 12, 2013

From a first glimpse at the title you may think: “how is it possible to build a stone fireplace without masonry work?!” but you will be surprised to know that it is attainable and quite easy.

The warmth of a fireplace doesn’t always come from the heat radiated by this centrally-designed piece but often from the visual appeal it creates in a room. Any other alternative to a complete interior design will probably not produce the same result. A stone fireplace located in a prominent area of the room is probably going to positively impact the overall décor and design.

Let’s get to the important part of this article. Looking at this completed fireplace you would not guess that faux materials were used to build it.

There are a few faux choices that can be considered. The main focus of this list is to help you decide which product will not require a mason or masonry work. If you have ever dealt with such a process you know why many people try to avoid it.

Finished Jog

Finished Jog Using Mortar-less Stone

Cast Stone is a fairly new material that was introduced about eight decades ago to create a specific stone look without having to harvest particular shapes for real stone. Just cultured stone these materials are made using different types of aggregates like crushed rocks and pebbles with a bonding agent varying from Portland cement to concrete and even gypsum.

Although they adhere to the ASTM international standards, the natural properties of them cannot prevent water absorption. Some tests reveal that they can absorb up to 8.3% or moisture.

This, combined with a freeze and thaw test which produces poor results, doesn’t always make cast stone a viable solution. This too would require some masonry work.

The example in the above image shows how synthetic materials like polyurethane can make the creation of a faux stone fireplace a much easier process.


  1. Although these products do not require a wall preparation, you may need to clean any dirt or oily substances off the existing surface.
  2. Layout the faux stone around the area where it needs to be installed, as a dry run. This way you can decide where to place the panels and reduce the amount of water.

Preparation And Framing


  1. If you plan to use corner pieces you should install them with just one nail. You may need to remove them temporarily.
  2. Starting from the left side of the wall, grab the first panel and cut off the interlocking part on the left edge (if you have the products with the zigzag pattern) and install it with adhesive tubes and some nails.
  3. All the next pieces will interlock nicely with each other.
  4. If you have an outlet, window, or door you can easily cut the faux stone with any saw, electric or handheld. Use one of the trims available in the catalogs to trim the openings and cover the exposed edges of the panels.
  5. When arriving at the right end of the wall you will need to cut the last panel, on the right side of it.
  6. If you continue with the stone to the next wall, you will need to add either and inside or outside corner, also available in the catalog.
  7. If not going all the way to the ceiling and creating some sort of wainscoting you can stop at any height and cap the top edge with a ledger trim. This is easily done with some adhesive and screws as well.

The project at this point should be completed.
You will not use any mortar and not deal with paints, dust or masons.

It’s that easy.

DIY Stone Weekend Warriors – Remodel A Fireplace In No Time

Posted on February 17, 2013

They've done it again! With affordable stone veneer panels, regular homeowners become DIY experts. Who says that only expert masons can create a beautiful stone accent? Anyone can and the proof is in the photos.

What once was a job for only expert stone masons or expensive remodeling firms, today has become something that any homeowner can quickly and cheaply dish out on his or her own. Or both!

Let's take as an example a young couple who just moved into a nice home and have spent a considerable amount of money remodeling the place before moving in. One project they left behind is the fireplace and as soon as they removed all the boxes and organized the rooms, they realize that this specific area needs a quick makeover. They agree on adding stone veneer panels instead of using traditional stone.

They have previously received quotes from masons who quickly scared them. They remember this imitation stone store called and quickly decide to give it a try. The panels are clearly very realistic and installing them doesn't require any expertise.

To install stone veneer panels you only need a circular saw ( or if available, a table saw ), some Liquid Nails you can purchase at Lowe's or Home Depot and some screws.

Here's what happened when you have informed homeowners that know where to find faux materials panels to remodel a fireplace:

Stone Project With Veneer Panels

Stone Project With Veneer Panels

Many don't know it but this type of project doesn't require any mortar, mixing cement or spend days preparing the wall surfaces. They are not single pieces but a faux sheet. These stone veneer panels require no preparation.

A faux sheets in white

A faux sheet in white

So, no matter what style you have in mind or what colors you already have in the room, there is a stone or brick panel for you in the online catalog. Check it out!

Why Use Our Faux Stone?

Posted on August 7, 2012

If you decide to remodel your house using stone, have you never thought of using an artificial one?

We can’t deny the beauty of real stone and the positive energy that it brings to the house. But not all of us have the time and can afford the cost of real stone. Not to talk about the fact that a carpenter would need to be hired to complete the project and the time that you would need to spend in cleaning the mess and maintain the stone in order for them not to deteriorate with time.

When using faux stone, all of these issues don’t exist.

Antico Elements provides you a wide range of panels that are affordable, easy to install and maintain. There is no need for cleaning and maintain the stone because it lasts forever unless you decide to change it!

Antico Stone

Antico Stone

To finish a project using Antico Elements faux stone it will only take few hours of your own time, and let’s be honest, the satisfaction of doing it yourself and see it happening is much bigger than seeing someone else doing it for you. You can decide how to cut and combine the panels, they are light and very flexible, so they adapt to any kind of surface.

So you can change the way that your house looks by yourself and do it how you feel it right!

Faux stone, as beautiful as more convenient!

Posted on August 3, 2012

So many times we have had to decide on what type of stone to use for a remodeling project! We surely are flattered by the beauty and classic look or real stone applied, for example, to a fireplace. A touch of romanticism and natural feel.

But have you thought how convenient the installation of real rocks would be for you?

1-     expensive

2-     installation takes a long time

3-     after the work has been done, the cleaning work starts

4-     you need to maintain the rocks using special products and cleaning techniques

So have you never thought about using faux stone instead of real one? Antico Elements can offer you the solution you might need when redesigning a decorative scheme.

Lots of advantages are brought to you at the moment you choose to incorporate artificial stone into your remodeling project.

1-     very convenient

2-     installation can be done in a few hours

3-     no need to hire a carpenter or clean after the work has been done

4-     no need for maintenance. The stone lasts forever!

You can have your imagination working and accommodate in a new and comfortable space where you can be creative or where you can just relax.

They say life is too short to not enjoy it! Please your eyes and your senses are part of it!

Antico Elements will help you choose how to make your house a better place for you to be!

Great relation between quality and price: faux wall panels

Posted on July 25, 2012

Did you know that if you purchase with Antico Elements more than $3000 in panels you would get either a discount in quantity or free shipping if you live in the USA area?

So here,  another good reason to believe that Antico Elements cares about their customers!

Antico Elements' attention goes to the relationship between quantity and quality, price and quality. Finding very affordable products in the market now a day it is very possible, but how about the quality?

If you buy a very cheap dress, probably after few times washing it, it will damage or break.

So how about if you decide to remodel your house and you go for low-cost products? A house is not like a dress! It takes time and effort to install the remodeling items. And in this case, if you decide to purchase faux wall panels, if you don’t make the right choice and you only consider the price aspect of it, you will probably end up with a product that you will have to take off and change after few weeks.

Antico Elements doesn’t want that to happen to their clients! They carefully choose the raw materials in a way that they can guarantee a “lasting forever” product and they balance it with a price that can be affordable to everyone, and most important you can save from your pocket when deciding to go with Antico because the installation doesn’t imply an additional cost. You can actually install the panels yourself!!! You can see a great example in the image below.

Affordable high-quality products that last until you decide you want to change them!

Don't forget to save our Catalog page as a quick reference.

Welcome to your new house ideas! Faux rock and stone.

Posted on July 25, 2012

So now if after few clicks you have come to us, we want to welcome you to Antico Elements!

There is a reason why you ended up here and not somewhere else! If you are willing to install a decorating wall into your house or office Antico Elements gives you many options to choose from.

Surely many questions come to your mind when thinking of remodeling a space.

1-What should I do?

2-How much will I spend?

3-How long does it take?

4-What if I get tired of it after a while?

1-You should go with your gut feelings first of all! Do what feels right for you! The space you want to remodel has to represent your lifestyle! And if deciding of using faux rock, then Antico Elements can guide you and recommend what the best choice of stone would work for you according to the style and vibe you want to create!

2- By incorporating Antico Elements into your design plan, you decide to go for a convenient and realistic option! Panels go from $8 to $10. So for a project like this, you won’t spend more than $300.

Fireplace With Laguna Stone

A fireplace with our Faux Laguna Stone in Cappuccino

3-It takes literally a few hours. And you can install panels by yourself as they are light and very easy to cut and deal with. No need to hire a mason to do the work for you! But if you need to Antico Elements will be happy to provide that for you.

4-The panels last forever as the quality of them is outstanding! But if you get tired of the same style, you can change them as they are not expansive and the change can be done very quickly!

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact Antico Elements! We will be happy to assist you!