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Versatility Of Imitation Sheets Of Stone, Rock And Brick

Posted on October 18, 2017

Without any doubt our society is moving from an environment where construction and building things, in general, were done is a meticulous way. People used to take a lot of time to do things right and that used to be the norm in the construction business as well.

Today every commercial and most residential project is based on how quickly they can be turned around. When it comes to builders and, store outfitters and display makers the speed of getting things done can mean the difference between being profitable, break-even or lose money.

Faux Stone Signs

Sign with the rounded faux stone that curved with the sign.

Brick and stone have been around forever and the way they are applied hasn’t changed much. They still need a lot of preparation of the substrate and areas where they will be applied. In the presence of projects that require covering complicated wall shapes or signs real brick and stone will require a lot of custom cuts and the joints will be very visible.

Brick panels for store outfit - White

Brick panels for store outfit - White

The majority of builders and contractors have now shifted to the paneling of fake stones and fake bricks to complete their projects and to make difficult applications possible. It can be challenging to entertain the possibility than a new fake panel of stone can be better than the real thing, particularly when one has used the real product for decades. We learned that, once the installer has been educated on the benefits and has had the chance to try the product, they will use the faux version for all future projects.

These rock panels can wrap around curved surfaces without leaving gaps at the joints.
They also can be miter-cut to create corners and a very simple touch-up kit can be used to paint over any caulked area, to create e real seamless look.

Corners made with caulking and touch-up paint

Corners made with caulking and touch-up paint

The other advantage is that there is no need to use mortar. These “mortarless” rock and brick panels have been already treated in the factory so they are sealed and painted with exterior acrylic coloring that requires no additional work.

We realized that today most people involved in remodeling or construction, in general, can find a real benefit in using faux products and complete their projects within the necessary time-frame.

Tips On Quick Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel Amazing

Posted on January 3, 2014

Find Your Diamond In the Rough

A diamond in the rough is a phrase that refers to an object that is very valuable, but hard to find. Finding that diamond in the rough is a boost to any renovation project. This means finding a style or a piece of the puzzle for your home improvement project that wraps up the whole concept efficiently. Faux stone panels represent that diamond in the rough for small projects like a fireplace remodeling job The best way to stay ahead of the problems that come with any renovation is through good research.

Wood Skeleton

Wood Skeleton

The best designers and contractors both agree the ability to find the right piece for a project is tough. Most projects demand a flexible product that can go anywhere. Imitation stone panels can go inside and outside with great success.

Sometimes the homeowner's ideas are constantly changing and inconsistent. This creates a demand for materials that are easy to install. Easy installation also

Establishing a method for renovation is hard because of the many different issues involved. The time factor that affects it can create the biggest obstacle in finishing a project on time and most importantly on budget. Traditional methods are quickly becoming outdated which was the inspiration for the polyurethane architectural elements.

Using creative ideas means finding innovative ways to apply those ideas. Many home improvement projects require skilled laborers to make the renovation complete.

Fortunately, no skilled labor is needed when using creative products like the ones offered at Antico Elements. These panels provide the diamond in the rough. They can be applied anywhere in any climate and reduce the project time into minutes or a few hours.

Faux Stone Bathroom Example

Creativity Equals Success

The designs being used today are aimed at bringing together the modern contemporary style with a traditional earthy tone. Evoking a sense of liberal modernism has been the result of the trending designs that have been taking over the United States.

The best way to calculate the difference is by the traffic in these styles and how many buildings now incorporate them automatically in their finished real estate. Many investors have realized the need and benefit of selling furnished homes or offices.

It is important for contractors to be aware of the alternative when approaching these projects because they can be finished sooner rather than later.

It will help increase the ability of the contractor to pick up more work.

The more projects the better it is for the company and the more contractors that network the stronger the home improvement industry will become as a whole. If contractors learned how to work with faux stone or brick panels then a new age of construction will follow.

Making sure your project goes as planned is just as important to us as it for our clients. We go the extra distance to make sure our clients are happy with their project.

Ensuring success in every job received is important for business because reputation is everything. Quality and consistency are important in delivering the right brand. Imitation stone panels are a diamond in the rough for the home improvement industry.

Make Your Dream Home A Reality

Posted on November 12, 2013

Tips On Making Your Dream Home A Reality

Remodeling, renovating or building a home is a tricky process. There are many factors that play into the construction of the house. The main factor is money. Nine out of ten times money is the main mover and obstacle in some projects. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money and time in the building process. Using the newest products in the market can give you a leg up on your renovation. This article can help you create a vision for the way you want to fix your home.

Front Comes First

After Stone Cladding

After Stone Cladding

Fixing up the front of the house is essential in renovating any home because it creates the first impression. The front is how we express ourselves to the world therefore it should reflect who you are.

This is usually the reason why many people seek to modernize buy an older home. Homeowners that want to create a stone look for their house are usually scared away by the large installation, labor, and maintenance cost. They can avoid all three of these obstacles by using and installing imitation stone or brick panels.

Installing them outside or inside is no problem because they have a closed-cell structure that makes them impermeable. Polyurethane panels are durable and lightweight giving them the strength needed to be used on the foundation of a house and the durability to last without expensive maintenance. These panels can revolutionize the way a house looks from the front by creating the stone or brick design homeowners can give their home a great facelift for a quarter of the price it would normally cost.

Bad Backyard No Problem

Backyard Posts

Backyard Posts

The backyard is the place where family and friends socialize. It is usually the focal point for most homeowners because this is simply where they spend most of their free time. The backyard has some spots that easily reveal the age of the house.

Decks show aging signs more clearly because the posts supporting them require a lot of maintenance. The best option to cover up the posts is with post wraps which can create the best look for the lowest price. Using imitation stone to cover the posts is a great way to save money and make your backyard look great by hiding those bare and boring posts.

Fixing An Inferior Interior

The interior of the home is where the real magic happens. Unfortunately, most people fill their homes with furniture or miscellaneous items that don’t flow with the design of the house. This problem results in stressful clutter clogging up the free space of the house. Adding more clutter to the home is not the solution to fixing the interior in some cases less is more. Sometimes just getting the right stuff to go in the right places can speak volumes for a home.

Changing the color or texture of certain rooms can elevate the prestige and unique characteristics of the home. Using imitation stone or brick panels can help transform any room within an hour instead of days. The panels provide a whole new look to be enjoyed. They can even be applied in bathrooms since they are waterproof.

Making your dream home is a fun and exciting experience. It is important not to let your desires be curbed by financial constraints. Using products that don’t require skilled labor to install is important because it helps save money and time. Creating your dream home is possible by using the right products that can help make that dream become a reality.

Fast Food Chains Made More Profitable With Faux Stone

Posted on September 24, 2013

The natural stone style has accentuated many different styles of restaurants but change is coming due to faux stone panels. The helpful product sometimes known as stone veneer panels can change the way these restaurants are built because it saves time and labor. This is essential to realizing the full potential of this product and how it helps increase the marketing strength of any business that employs faux stone panels of the highest quality.

Perfect seams with faux stone in polyurethane

Perfect seams with faux stone in polyurethane

When one fast-food franchise decides to give a facelift to their stores the others all follow suit in order to stay in the game. For example, if you saw a McDonalds and it looked old and shabby with paint from the eighties and across the street there was a freshly renovated Burger King, most people will go to the Burger King simply because it looks more pleasing and clean. Stone or brick veneer panels can increase the efficiency of these renovation projects by enabling them to be completed faster and without having to pay masons.

The faster a fast food restaurant can reopen after renovations the faster it can start making money. This means completion is reached without a headache or a hassle. The owners can relax because they won’t have to open a half-ready restaurant that still has work being done in it. That way they do not have to prematurely open their doors as some stores do in order to keep money coming in.

Cast stone is hard to make look right.

Cast stone is hard to make look right.

Using the two pictures of the burger king under renovation and the finished McDonalds which one do you think will attract more customers? Throughout the years I have seen more than one fast food restaurant open while there is still construction going on outside or inside the restaurant. This hurts sales and the professionalism that the fast-food franchise is trying to impress upon their customers. Click here to see how easy it is to install.

Altogether, the franchise that realizes the many advantages of using faux stone panels first is the one who will reap in the most profits.  Business is a race and whoever gets the advantage is the one who wins. Therefore faux stone is the advantage when it comes to renovating any business in order to attract more customers quickly.

The Reality Of Real Stone.

Posted on September 3, 2013

Broken Natural Stone Vs. Faux Stone Alternative

Broken Stone column

Broken Stone column

Stone is not always the best looking architectural material available. As we can see above when stone is applied there can be large pieces that may fall off due to incorrect mortar setting or rapid placement in order to finish the project faster. Nine times out of ten construction is done in last-minute haste and accidents like this can happen all the time.  I also want to draw your attention to three rows under the large gap and directly next to the gap. Look at the mislaid stone with grout lines that are all uneven. Grout lines are never exact when natural stone is laid.

Check out the beige stone that looks crooked. All these mistakes were found on various columns throughout the building. There are many unwanted problems associated with using real stone because of its application method. Problems like this can be dangerous because the stone pieces were incorrectly placed. The vibrations in the column from cars being driven in the garage above had shaken the stone piece loose.

These kinds of problems are common on any construction site which is why the alternatives are extremely attractive for builders and consumers. What if someone had been walking by and the stone fell on them a huge lawsuit would most definitely be the consequence. Most likely a parked car would have suffered but thankfully no harm was done but it highlights the problem of using this kind of material. These problems are avoided when we apply the use of faux stone column wraps. The lifelong guarantee is supported by a manufacturer's warranty. Therefore contractors and designers that are looking to save time and money on their projects have started taking advantage of the benefits of using faux stone.

What is truly important to remember is the high cost of labor for installation and repair. To get anybody out there people out there to finish a project like that is expensive. Now in order to fix this, the owner has to call the contractor to get the mason to come and fix it. The bottom line is that people are realizing real stone has many setbacks, unlike faux stone which is easy and cheap in comparison.

We urge our readers to find a natural stone and take pictures and observe the grout lines and the crooked stone. Using this alternative can not only save you money but give you a professional look at the same time. Polyurethane imitation stone products are waterproof and UV proof. Even stone cracks over time usually because water and ice can play a large role in the strength of the stone. So when considering what to use in your next project look at the bigger picture and do the research then make your decision so you don't make the mistake of getting stuck with a bad result on your project.

Another Great Use For Faux Stone And Faux Rocks

Posted on June 26, 2013

Do you have a cottage or a rusting and cozy place you like to use as a "retreat"?

If you, like us, have been in an old cottage you would have probably seen wood paneling on the walls and most likely noticed the old smell of wood. This way to dress up the wall of such areas may be a good, temporary, solution but in the near future, you will be looking for an alternative and will be very eager to replace those panels.

Often homeowners push aside the idea of using rocks and stone on a wall because using real stone is not easy at all to install. They are usually not aware of faux stone and how it can bridge the gap between the ideal look and the average skills of the owner.

The easy remedy can possibly be to remove your old paneling and use faux stone which comes in convenient panels that are very easy to set up.

This is clearly not a solution for only cottages or cabins; faux rock panels can be used quite successfully in areas like this loft bedroom below.

River rock panels on a loft bedroom

River rock panels on a loft bedroom

The question is always “what can we do to these walls?”

Today coming up with a creative, affordable and long-lasting solution is very simple. Using faux stone has been proven to provide long-lasting results. Unlike wood, these panels are not going to create odors, similar to those of old wood. These are materials that are very tough and even left outside for decades they will not rot or bio-degrade.

When it comes to the rock panels above, there is no issue with repetitive patterns because these faux stones come in versions A and B so that the shape of the stones is not the same. Additionally, the colors are applied by hand so that even if each stone is similar in shape, in most cases they will have a different color.

You will be amazed by how realistic these faux stones and faux rocks will look. The first thing people do when they approach these panels is going right to them and touch them. It is something that you can't resist because you know they are not real but at the same time, they do look that way. At the touch, you can't tell the difference. The only way you can tell that the material is synthetic is by hitting it with a hard object and hear the sound that comes out of it.

How often and for how long would you worry about not having a "real" product when the advantages gained are so many?

Welcome to your new house ideas! Faux rock and stone.

Posted on July 25, 2012

So now if after few clicks you have come to us, we want to welcome you to Antico Elements!

There is a reason why you ended up here and not somewhere else! If you are willing to install a decorating wall into your house or office Antico Elements gives you many options to choose from.

Surely many questions come to your mind when thinking of remodeling a space.

1-What should I do?

2-How much will I spend?

3-How long does it take?

4-What if I get tired of it after a while?

1-You should go with your gut feelings first of all! Do what feels right for you! The space you want to remodel has to represent your lifestyle! And if deciding of using faux rock, then Antico Elements can guide you and recommend what the best choice of stone would work for you according to the style and vibe you want to create!

2- By incorporating Antico Elements into your design plan, you decide to go for a convenient and realistic option! Panels go from $8 to $10. So for a project like this, you won’t spend more than $300.

Fireplace With Laguna Stone

A fireplace with our Faux Laguna Stone in Cappuccino

3-It takes literally a few hours. And you can install panels by yourself as they are light and very easy to cut and deal with. No need to hire a mason to do the work for you! But if you need to Antico Elements will be happy to provide that for you.

4-The panels last forever as the quality of them is outstanding! But if you get tired of the same style, you can change them as they are not expansive and the change can be done very quickly!

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact Antico Elements! We will be happy to assist you!

The freedom of choosing: faux rock

Posted on July 24, 2012

Where art and science break even is where design begins! And when design meets intuition and reason, it births  Antico Elements. encourages people that are willing to remodel their houses to consider all aspects of it. If you choose to work with Antico Elements faux rock than you won’t have to worry about having to live with your choice for a lifetime. The panels are affordable and you can change them every year if you would like so.

Antico Elements gives you the freedom of deciding without being too tide up to the choice you make. Panels, of course, last a lifetime, but in life, we surely need to change our house around more than once, and that is what Antico Elements allows to do!

Some of our clients started with the redesign of a few elements and ended up remodeling the entire house! These panels are also used as columns wraps.

After seeing how real this stone looks, you want more and more of them! The range of items is wide and you can be very creative in what panels you would like to use for your bathroom or living room, and how about the chimney outside?

Convenient and realistic, Antico Elements faux rock is the right choice!

The advantages are many. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 877-326-8426 with any questions or concerns.

Convenient faux rock panels: time and money saving

Posted on July 23, 2012

Antico Elements is practical and convenient from many points of view.

Antico's beautiful and innovative faux rock panels are easy to deal with, light, molded on real rock, hand painted. Very quick installation (you can do it yourself with simple carpenter tools).

But most important is that the price per square foot goes from $8 to $10.  If you research around the web you can see that the price we offer is very convenient compare to other companies and also we always have great discounts. The biggest advantage derives from the large saving during installation and maintenance.

So if you would like to have your living room wall remodeled, for example, you could get it done for a very reasonable price.

If you take a look at these photos you can see how good and innovative this style of Alpi rocks makes the wall looks.


The cost of the entire project was below $600 and it gave a completely different look at our client's house.

Cost-effective and time-saving Antico Elements can give you the answer you were waiting for.

Quick tips to spruce up the house for Summer.

Posted on June 11, 2012

It is summertime and now is the time to treat yourself to a tropical oasis that you have always wanted. Most homeowners dread the idea of home improvement projects and the costs that are associated with them. Projects to add value to a residence are now more affordable and easier than ever. Spruce up the outside of the residence with a new waterfall or garden outside, or revitalize the interior of that old traditional office space with an accent wall or light fixtures.

During the summer is when most homeowners can find that extra time to finish those around the house projects that never were completed. Through faux stone panels, a wall or room can be transformed into a tropical oasis while saving money and time with installation. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from, that are suitable for all themes and project ideas. Faux stacked stone panels come waterproof and offer an insulating effect to help with cooling during the hot summer days. These faux stone sheets are the perfect complementary product to help change your home with the seasons. The in-depth colors and earth tones make these panels in high demand during the summertime.