Faux Stone Wall Solutions

Faux Stone walls are becoming a more common building element in the construction of a house and are very popular in the Mid West region of the United States. The walls of a household besides being space dividers are also structural elements that transfer the load of the roof to the ground. Walls are constructed on strip spread or raft foundations that support the walls. The walls are constructed using bricks and mortar. These can also be constructed with various structural qualities and thicknesses.

Almond Color Faux Stone Wall
Almond Color Faux Stone Wall

Home wall foundations are made in dugout trenches so that a hard stable surface on which the building is supported can be obtained because the top surface of the ground normally does not have the load-bearing capacity to take the load of the building.

A great alternative to the strenuous work of installing brick walls for that industrial look is a new and innovative product known as faux stone solutions. Though faux stone products have been around for quite some time, the demand and overall popularity of these products have certainly increased. The lightweight of the panels and easy installation (a combination of screws and construction adhesives) make these products heavy in demand by both contractors and homeowners alike.


Faux stone panels can be used to increase the value of a room or space. The variety of designs and colors have helped contractors offer homeowners and customers an alternative to the traditional wall looks without having to worry about hauling heavy stones or breaking their pockets.

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