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Basement Home Improvement With Faux Stone Panels.

Posted on May 22, 2012

The reviews from customers who use alternatives to stone and rocks and pouring in. They are very excited to tell everyone how easier it is to use a faux material instead of a heavy and cold natural stone.

Here is another example of a basement that was remodeled quickly and easily with the help of Antico Elements' faux stone panels. Why would you want to employ a material that is so easy to move, cut and maintain? Many homeowners are learning this lesson. Take a look at how easy it is to make a corner with faux stone: Interlocking Outside Corner

When using faux rock panels and stone veneer panels for projects like this, any homeowner avoids going through the headaches of planning and ordering materials to fit exactly in the spot needed.

Although it's not the ideal photo quality, you can easily see how quickly you can create a corner fireplace with our imitation stone panels and with the use of a fireplace insert.

You may see a few faux fireplaces that are mostly stand-alone. Although easy to install - you just plug them in - they provide an "isolated" look in the basement. When adding faux stone panels to the project you can create very unique areas. In this case, it was quite easy to frame out the corner to accommodate the insert. The panels can be easily glued and screwed in place. They are incredibly easy to cut to size and fit anywhere. You can't say the same for traditional stone.

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