Using Faux Stone Panels To Bring Balance, Comfort And Innovation.

How can you be creative, innovating without having to spend a fortune in hiring a design company or a carpenter to do the work?

You can do it yourself and Antico Elements can show you how. Look how easy it is to install faux stone panels

You can now install convenient stone panels by yourself in a few hours, it is easy, practical and creative at the same time. Our faux stone panels can be mixed and matched and they are very easy to cut and apply to surfaces.
Our Alpi Line

So in only a few steps, our clients changed completely the look of their set and they could not have been any happier of their choice of going with faux stone. They said they after having received our samples they stopped researching and placed the order. Why? It is Antico Elements’ goal to always meet the client’s expectations not only right at the moment of the installation but also as the time goes by.

The imitation or faux stone panels are in fact very durable. Waterproof, fire rated and UV resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the panels deteriorating. Real stone is beautiful but they require a lot of maintenance. Our fake panels instead can guarantee you the balance between beauty, innovation, and comfort for your new design scheme.

Take a look at our CATALOG to see the many choices.

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