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Balance Between Business And Art: Faux Stone Panels

Posted on July 24, 2012

When you come to the conclusion your house, office, restaurant or bar need to be remodeled then the decisions you make need to be based on gut feelings and personal experiences.

When deciding to redesign a project, the balance between business and art is definitely a very relevant factor. Changing the design of a specific part of your house, or of the whole house can be an inspiring process. But more inspiring is when you can actually find the solution that would be cost and time effective.

Let’s say you would like to change the stone wall in your kitchen like in this picture below.

Well if you do so using real stone you would have to spend $1500-1700 plus the carpenter work. Also, you would have to deal with the stress of getting your kitchen messed up for a few days. Not to mention how hard is the maintenance of real stone.

Antico Elements faux stone panels are much cheaper and you can get the same work done for much cheaper. Not more than $600.  (Picture below).

So you would save on the stone but also you wouldn’t need to hire a mason to do the work. You can install the panels yourself!

Also, the panels are fire rated. Although resistible to high temperatures, all our products are also available in fire-rated material for only 10% more.

So balancing business and art when changing the design, you can find alternative solutions that do not commit you for a lifetime! Even though the panels last forever, because they are very affordable you can change them in colors or shape when your gut feelings tell you so!

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