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About Us

Our Promise:

Antico Elements is committed to the process of manufacturing bold and stylish Faux Stone Panels, Rock Panels, Dry Stack Panels and decorative moldings. It takes pride of over 35 years of experience. Attention to detail is a hallmark of this business and we take great pride in creating products that rival the look and feel of natural stone but at a fraction of the cost.

Our Business Approach:

We encourage customers to compare our product line and services to other manufacturers because we are confident you will appreciate the quality associated with our products as well as our competitive pricing.

Our Products:

The collection of Antico Elements is manufactured from technologically advanced high density resins that offer a variety of unique features and benefits that include:

Surface Appearance: Looks and feels like classic natural stone
Texture: Natural imperfections, fossilized remains, and color are faithfully reproduced
Custom Detail: Color and final finish is applied by hand giving every product we manufacture a natural stone flair
Cost saving: Avoid the high masonry costs and easily install the product on your own.
Construction: Lightweight and durable; weighing less than 1 pound per square foot. Interlocking design on most products provides additional insulation from water, wind and temperature spikes and our products will not rot, mold or split
Low Maintenance: Clean with mild soap and water; light pressure wash resistant; can be repainted or stained
Easy To Install: Use ordinary carpenter's tools, industrial adhesive and finishing nails
Multi-purpose: Our products are designed for interior and exterior applications including: walls, BBQs, Jacuzzis, ceilings and fireplaces
Recyclable: Our products are designed to last a lifetime but the PURRC council provides full recycle guidelines if needed
Made in USA