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Imitation Brick Helps Staging and Display Companies

Posted on September 3, 2013
Faux Brick Display

Faux Brick Display

Creating the perfect display or set takes and attention to detail and the right materials. Display companies do not have time to waste so everything that they do has to be fast. Brick takes a long time to lay and mortar so display or staging companies use to be stuck with limited options if their project called for a brick look. Now, these companies have found a great way around that dilemma by using imitation or faux brick. By utilizing this product they can quickly build their project using imitation brick panels without losing time or money.  Many movie companies and the set designers have the need to create whole fake houses or buildings sometimes. This need creates a huge demand for imitation brick and stone because it is so easy to build with and it is fast to set up and take down. As you can see above the display called for a brick style and it came out looking great.

Many restaurants or bars tend to use the brick style in order to give the New York or Chicago traditional style.  People don't even notice the difference when they sit down. The panels are so textured and real that most of the bar's customers will never find out. Many big-name restaurants such as Carrabas and Olive Garden have employed faux brick in their bars in order to help create a comfy atmosphere.

Reusable faux stone panels for a bar

Reusable faux stone panels in a new bar

  The main advantage of using this product is the speed and flexibility it offers to help move the project along quickly. Many set directors and staging companies love this product because it helps them win over their clients. Restaurant and bar owners both love using a faux brick style to accent their business in order to make their clients happy. Staging companies have also adopted this product as a great way to enhance their projects. So relax and do not worry about the deadline because this product will help get it done on time.

Home Improvement Funding Resources.

Posted on September 3, 2013

Finding Money For Your Home Improvement At Your Fingertips.


If money was the main obstacle that kept you from improving your home then do not worry because there is a way around that. Remodeling or improving your home can be an expensive and tedious process. Fortunately, there are programs to help homeowners finance their projects. Many people do not know about these programs or grants but, they can provide great relief for many homeowners and individuals looking to fix or upgrade their homes. Essentially, the main agencies to look for different funding tools are the Federal Housing Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development, USDA Rural Development and even the Internal Revenue Service. These agencies have dozens of programs that help enable people to improve their homes or business. There are even funding tools for veterans and seniors.

One of the great funding tools used by homeowners is called the streamlined 203(k) Mortgage program.  This is a funding instrument that permits homeowners to finance up to $35,000 into their mortgage. The FHA allows people to tap into cash easily in order to improve their homes. After a simple process with the FHA appraiser, you can be ready in no time to start your project. If money was the only thing holding you back now you can feel free because there are funding tools that the government and other institutions offer.

Another great way to save money is a loophole within the IRS code section under medical expenses. With a simple application of a formula on their website, you can see how much your deductions will be. Basically, all that is really needed is the itemization of expenses and costs and then you will be on your way to saving money and increasing the value of your home at the same time.

With a quick search on the recommended agencies' websites, anyone can find ways to improve their home for free or at a reduced cost. In addition, there are always coupons all over the internet which allow consumers to improve their home. Improving homes is good for the macro and micro economy because it increases the value of the home then the value of the neighborhood and eventually the community. This is the reason there are so many grants and loans or mortgage programs because of the simple fact that what is good for my neighbor is good for me. Since funding is not a problem finding an affordable way to remodel or upgrade your home or business is the next issue. Using faux stone or brick products are a great way to quickly and cost-effectively remodel your home or business while improving the value of your home. They are easy to install and cheaper than most projects. Using these products also add value to your home. So now you have the power to have fun with your next remodel or improvement.

The Reality Of Real Stone.

Posted on September 3, 2013

Broken Natural Stone Vs. Faux Stone Alternative

Broken Stone column

Broken Stone column

Stone is not always the best looking architectural material available. As we can see above when stone is applied there can be large pieces that may fall off due to incorrect mortar setting or rapid placement in order to finish the project faster. Nine times out of ten construction is done in last-minute haste and accidents like this can happen all the time.  I also want to draw your attention to three rows under the large gap and directly next to the gap. Look at the mislaid stone with grout lines that are all uneven. Grout lines are never exact when natural stone is laid.

Check out the beige stone that looks crooked. All these mistakes were found on various columns throughout the building. There are many unwanted problems associated with using real stone because of its application method. Problems like this can be dangerous because the stone pieces were incorrectly placed. The vibrations in the column from cars being driven in the garage above had shaken the stone piece loose.

These kinds of problems are common on any construction site which is why the alternatives are extremely attractive for builders and consumers. What if someone had been walking by and the stone fell on them a huge lawsuit would most definitely be the consequence. Most likely a parked car would have suffered but thankfully no harm was done but it highlights the problem of using this kind of material. These problems are avoided when we apply the use of faux stone column wraps. The lifelong guarantee is supported by a manufacturer's warranty. Therefore contractors and designers that are looking to save time and money on their projects have started taking advantage of the benefits of using faux stone.

What is truly important to remember is the high cost of labor for installation and repair. To get anybody out there people out there to finish a project like that is expensive. Now in order to fix this, the owner has to call the contractor to get the mason to come and fix it. The bottom line is that people are realizing real stone has many setbacks, unlike faux stone which is easy and cheap in comparison.

We urge our readers to find a natural stone and take pictures and observe the grout lines and the crooked stone. Using this alternative can not only save you money but give you a professional look at the same time. Polyurethane imitation stone products are waterproof and UV proof. Even stone cracks over time usually because water and ice can play a large role in the strength of the stone. So when considering what to use in your next project look at the bigger picture and do the research then make your decision so you don't make the mistake of getting stuck with a bad result on your project.