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Using Faux Stone Panels For Displays.

Posted on May 16, 2013

For those in the trade show and display business, the use of a product that helps during the construction and dismantling of a show booth is surely a major benefit.

In these circumstances, these companies are allowed a limited time to set up their booth and even less time at the end of the show. In the case of displays that use stone this problem is noticed even more. Applying faux stone panels becomes an easy choice once these companies have had the opportunity to test them.

Let’s say you have used other materials before.

You surely have noticed that gluing heavy products, small section by small section, is extremely time-consuming and during that process, you have wondered “there must be an easier way”. Well, there is. The most interesting aspect of faux stone panels is the fact that this innovative product is so quick and effortless to fasten that even at higher prices per square foot it still provides a huge saving.

If it takes something like 2 days to create a wall of 20ft x 8ft, with faux stone panels you can complete the same coverage area in about 4 hours. Let's take a look at this display:

Example Of An Application

Example Of An Application ' Click To Enlarge

Another amazing thing is the fact that you can spend even less time in preparing the frame to hold the panels because of the lightweight of them.

At the end of the show, you also learn another positive thing about them, since you just used screws to install them, you can now remove the screws and in a matter of minutes, you have the whole wall down. Now all you need to do for the next show is to remove the faux stone panels from your crate and screw them back in place. This is a product, unlike others, that can be reused many times.