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Installation Of Switch And Outlet Trim.

Posted on July 28, 2012

Antico Elements` Switch, Outlet, and Fixture Trim Boxes are designed to move all electrical parts from the wall level to the stone level and flush with the from of our stone product. This dramatically increases the realistic look of the project.

They can be installed VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY to accommodate one or more fixtures. We have only one Switch Trim product.

Switch trim / boxSwitch trim / box

Before installations:

Tools needed: ( same as wood cutting tools )

• Measuring tape and pencil
• Table saw, circular saw, miter saw,  jigsaw, etc. You can use any blade designed for wood. Our material is very friendly.
• Nails or screws ( exterior grade if used outdoor and masonry screws for brick, concrete, etc)
• Nail set
• Hammer (or screwdriver/drill if using screws)
• Level
• Framing square
• Chalk line
• Construction adhesive, E.G: Liquid Nails, PL, etc.
• Safety Glasses

Installing parts:

REMEMBER, you may click on the images below to enlarge them. Click the "Back" browser button to come back to this page.

Start your panels and accessories installation as usual and pause when you are getting to an outlet, switch or fixture.

Lay your next panel by the switch.
Transfer the location of the switch on the panel that will go in front of it. Place the Switch Box in the center of that measurement. With a pencil trace the outline of the Box onto the panel.

With a jigsaw cut a hole around the pencil line. We suggest cutting inside the pencil line. The opening should line up with the existing switch. Try to slide the Switch Box in the opening to test the accuracy of the cut. It might need some sanding and filing to make them fit

Make sure to turn off the electricity going to the outlet. Cut a hole in the center of the Switch Box, large enough to pull the switch through it. Make sure not to make the hole too big otherwise it might show around the faceplate. Remove the faceplate and unscrew the switch from the electrical box.

Pull the switch through the hole created and screw it on our Switch Box. The wiring is usually long enough for this.

You can now put some adhesive around the opening of the stone panel and slide the Switch Box through it.
Pull the Box in-out to make sure that all the exposed edges on the panels are covered by the box.
Use some nails or screws to hold the box in place. In some cases, there may be the need for some caulking to close gaps between the Box and the stone panels. If the color of the caulk doesn't match, you may always use one of our Touch-Up Kits.

Now you can install the faceplate back.

If you have more than one switch or outlet you may install our Switch Trim horizontally to fit more of them. If you have a very large fixture or multiple outlets/switches, you may combine two or more Switch Trim and make a larger one.
By rotating our Trim horizontally you should be able to house at least 2-3 switches.

For exterior applications, we suggest caulking the edges where water could penetrate.


Feel free to request additions and modifications to these instructions. Send us a comment via email to info(insert @ here)

Great relation between quality and price: faux wall panels

Posted on July 25, 2012

Did you know that if you purchase with Antico Elements more than $3000 in panels you would get either a discount in quantity or free shipping if you live in the USA area?

So here,  another good reason to believe that Antico Elements cares about their customers!

Antico Elements' attention goes to the relationship between quantity and quality, price and quality. Finding very affordable products in the market now a day it is very possible, but how about the quality?

If you buy a very cheap dress, probably after few times washing it, it will damage or break.

So how about if you decide to remodel your house and you go for low-cost products? A house is not like a dress! It takes time and effort to install the remodeling items. And in this case, if you decide to purchase faux wall panels, if you don’t make the right choice and you only consider the price aspect of it, you will probably end up with a product that you will have to take off and change after few weeks.

Antico Elements doesn’t want that to happen to their clients! They carefully choose the raw materials in a way that they can guarantee a “lasting forever” product and they balance it with a price that can be affordable to everyone, and most important you can save from your pocket when deciding to go with Antico because the installation doesn’t imply an additional cost. You can actually install the panels yourself!!! You can see a great example in the image below.

Affordable high-quality products that last until you decide you want to change them!

Don't forget to save our Catalog page as a quick reference.

Welcome to your new house ideas! Faux rock and stone.

Posted on July 25, 2012

So now if after few clicks you have come to us, we want to welcome you to Antico Elements!

There is a reason why you ended up here and not somewhere else! If you are willing to install a decorating wall into your house or office Antico Elements gives you many options to choose from.

Surely many questions come to your mind when thinking of remodeling a space.

1-What should I do?

2-How much will I spend?

3-How long does it take?

4-What if I get tired of it after a while?

1-You should go with your gut feelings first of all! Do what feels right for you! The space you want to remodel has to represent your lifestyle! And if deciding of using faux rock, then Antico Elements can guide you and recommend what the best choice of stone would work for you according to the style and vibe you want to create!

2- By incorporating Antico Elements into your design plan, you decide to go for a convenient and realistic option! Panels go from $8 to $10. So for a project like this, you won’t spend more than $300.

Fireplace With Laguna Stone

A fireplace with our Faux Laguna Stone in Cappuccino

3-It takes literally a few hours. And you can install panels by yourself as they are light and very easy to cut and deal with. No need to hire a mason to do the work for you! But if you need to Antico Elements will be happy to provide that for you.

4-The panels last forever as the quality of them is outstanding! But if you get tired of the same style, you can change them as they are not expansive and the change can be done very quickly!

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact Antico Elements! We will be happy to assist you!

The freedom of choosing: faux rock

Posted on July 24, 2012

Where art and science break even is where design begins! And when design meets intuition and reason, it births  Antico Elements. encourages people that are willing to remodel their houses to consider all aspects of it. If you choose to work with Antico Elements faux rock than you won’t have to worry about having to live with your choice for a lifetime. The panels are affordable and you can change them every year if you would like so.

Antico Elements gives you the freedom of deciding without being too tide up to the choice you make. Panels, of course, last a lifetime, but in life, we surely need to change our house around more than once, and that is what Antico Elements allows to do!

Some of our clients started with the redesign of a few elements and ended up remodeling the entire house! These panels are also used as columns wraps.

After seeing how real this stone looks, you want more and more of them! The range of items is wide and you can be very creative in what panels you would like to use for your bathroom or living room, and how about the chimney outside?

Convenient and realistic, Antico Elements faux rock is the right choice!

The advantages are many. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 877-326-8426 with any questions or concerns.

Balance Between Business And Art: Faux Stone Panels

Posted on July 24, 2012

When you come to the conclusion your house, office, restaurant or bar need to be remodeled then the decisions you make need to be based on gut feelings and personal experiences.

When deciding to redesign a project, the balance between business and art is definitely a very relevant factor. Changing the design of a specific part of your house, or of the whole house can be an inspiring process. But more inspiring is when you can actually find the solution that would be cost and time effective.

Let’s say you would like to change the stone wall in your kitchen like in this picture below.

Well if you do so using real stone you would have to spend $1500-1700 plus the carpenter work. Also, you would have to deal with the stress of getting your kitchen messed up for a few days. Not to mention how hard is the maintenance of real stone.

Antico Elements faux stone panels are much cheaper and you can get the same work done for much cheaper. Not more than $600.  (Picture below).

So you would save on the stone but also you wouldn’t need to hire a mason to do the work. You can install the panels yourself!

Also, the panels are fire rated. Although resistible to high temperatures, all our products are also available in fire-rated material for only 10% more.

So balancing business and art when changing the design, you can find alternative solutions that do not commit you for a lifetime! Even though the panels last forever, because they are very affordable you can change them in colors or shape when your gut feelings tell you so!

Convenient faux rock panels: time and money saving

Posted on July 23, 2012

Antico Elements is practical and convenient from many points of view.

Antico's beautiful and innovative faux rock panels are easy to deal with, light, molded on real rock, hand painted. Very quick installation (you can do it yourself with simple carpenter tools).

But most important is that the price per square foot goes from $8 to $10.  If you research around the web you can see that the price we offer is very convenient compare to other companies and also we always have great discounts. The biggest advantage derives from the large saving during installation and maintenance.

So if you would like to have your living room wall remodeled, for example, you could get it done for a very reasonable price.

If you take a look at these photos you can see how good and innovative this style of Alpi rocks makes the wall looks.


The cost of the entire project was below $600 and it gave a completely different look at our client's house.

Cost-effective and time-saving Antico Elements can give you the answer you were waiting for.

Characteristic fake stone products for exterior design

Posted on July 23, 2012

After a week of hard work and running errands, how fantastic would it be to be able to indulge yourself little pleasures?

How relaxing would it be laying at the pool surrounded by the calm and beauty of rocks?

Take a look at one of Antico Elements' latest exterior design projects.

Doesn't this stone look real? Definitely it gives a SPA vibe to the outdoor space our client wanted to remodel.

But it is not a spa and you don't have to go and spend a fortune to get some relaxing time! You can do it at your house and you only need some of your time, few carpenter tools and the will of wanted to create a space that allows you to spend some calm quality time.

Our clients decided to go for the characteristic look of Alpi stone products, and he was more than happy with how the project turned out to be.

Besides looking elegant and beautiful, Antico Elements fake stone is convenient and realistic.

Sometimes a small detail can complete the space that you would like to remodel! And if you love the design of your home than it is all that matters! No need to be fancy and chase trends! Be faithful to what you love and what makes you feel good and in that way you would never make the wrong choice!

‘If it looks good, that it’s right” : Stone walls panels

Posted on July 22, 2012

"I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right." That is what the famous designer Dorothy Draper says.

If it looks right it feels right. Does it look right?

Fireplace with comiso stone

If it looks right and it feels right then it means you agree with what we do!

Antico Element focuses on creating original and creative ideas for your remodeling project using convenient and realistic stone wall panels products.  The main goal for our company is to provide to our clients the possibility to renew their home or work environment at an affordable price that yet guarantees high quality and realist products. Time and money-saving Antico Elements beautiful stone wall panels item will make your house look different and unique. Available in different shapes and colors these panels are hand-painted stone by stone to look even more real and to give the feel of "real stone".

Having a house that "feel good" is probably everyone's will and only following our few steps easy installation book you can create that feeling by yourself with few carpenter tools. Even women can do it, thanks to the lightweight of the stone wall panels.

Comfort and elegance & if it looks good then it' s right!

Good energy, good home

Posted on July 20, 2012

Finding the right balance between human beings, building, and landscape. Harmony of walls and room. Connection of interior and exterior design

Oriental science of Feng Shiu and its starting point of the CHI, the breath of nature, believes that human being is energy connected to the physic world.

So the way that your home looks determines how your home feels.

That’s why it’s important to be making the right choice when it gets to remodeling a house using the beauty and the feel of stone.

If you want to have the same romantic and sophisticated look of real stone, but without the stress of actually taking care of them and hiring someone for the installation, then you should consider incorporating Antico Elements into your design project. Perfect for interior and exterior design.

You can go for harmony and balance using inspiring fake stone wall panels products, convenient and realistic:

The energy at your house needs to be positive and calm! Decorating with faux stone could be the nuance for a better living.

Let's take the above project as an example. This customer was unable to find the right material that could transform her ideas into reality. Even if such materials are available, they are not easy to install in such a project.

Take a look at our Catalog or our Fireplace Blog Page for ideas and product listing.

The importance of Faux Stone products.

Posted on July 20, 2012

Transforming a home or space is now easier than ever through the use of mock stone. These faux stone products can add flair and create an intimate ambiance in any given space. A great advantage of faux stone is that these panels are portable and can be installed and uninstalled very easily to change with themes or seasons. Many homeowners are jumping at these new innovative panels to create that natural look of stones or rocks without the headache of installation and labor costs.

Almond stone wall

Faux stone as an exterior option can help revitalize a residence in minutes. These products are durable enough to withstand different climates and temperatures, working as a protector while offering a stylish design. Many contractors and carpenters are fans of these faux stone products because it is very easy to put up and offers a cost-efficient alternative to real stones.

Interior design companies have become fans of faux stone over the years. Many companies look at these products as a great tool to dress up an area with. Designers have used these products in all building aspects from residential properties to commercial spaces to business offices. Faux stone can add a unique quality to any setting and can be installed on most applications through the use of screws and adhesives.

Another great advantage of this type of product is that there is a variety of styles and designs to choose from. These products are very Eco-friendly and work as a natural insulator when installed. There is minimal to no preparation needed with faux stone compared to that of real stones that may need backer boards, grouting, or even masonry work.