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The use of Faux Rock and River Rock Panels in home improvement.

Posted on April 30, 2012

For thousands of years, humans have had a really closed relationship with rocks. They have been used for fireplaces, for cooking, for hunting and more importantly for construction of buildings. Even though times have changed and home construction uses very different elements and materials, homeowners, builders, and designers are still incorporating a river rock design.

River Rock Panels

Today, realistically speaking, creating a large accent with some natural rock products can be quite costly. Real rocks that are exposed and visually appealing are not easy to find, therefore the prices are quite high.

This is where these incredible faux rock products come into play. With faux rock panels, things are suddenly very different. They become more affordable and many are starting to reconsider their use in man areas.

These faux stone panels can now be used for a rock fireplace to create a full rock wall or just to cover the interior of a shower.

It is really amazing how much easier it is now for everyone to create a nice and incredibly realistic stone look with these rock panels. You can find quite a few different styles and colors at Antico Elements.
Another benefit of using faux rock is that shipping costs are greatly reduced due to the light-weight properties of the product.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these specific panels are designed to withstand water, sun, and all outdoor elements so they are safe to use anywhere.

These panels are not only used for fireplace and walls but also for smaller projects like the fire pit in the image below.

Crateing a small rock fire pit

The applications of faux rock panels are really endless. It can also include a rock wall that is used as a climbing rig, for a waterfall or even an accent in a pool or jacuzzi. Many other products are not able to resist water, sun rays, and temperatures as well as our faux rock panels and accessories.

Presenting The Amazing Faux Brick.

Posted on April 28, 2012

The first thing that comes to mind to most people, when seeing the words faux brick, is faux paint and maybe painting a brick pattern on a wall. This is because for decades there were a couple of options to create a brick look.

You could either use full brick, brick veneer, or thin brick and maybe go toward the faux painting route. The first options were usually the one homeowner discarded quickly. Installing real brick is not a job for weekenders or inexperienced bricklayers. It is a heavy job and quite messy.
Painting a brick pattern on a wall can take a long time to master and by the time you get to that point the walls already finished do not really look like what you had envisioned in the beginning.

The reason why faux brick in the form of wall panels are becoming so incredibly popular is that it avoids all the above.Panels of imitation brick The advantages are not only for homeowners but for builders alike. These faux brick are not just some fake looking panel, they actually incredibly realistic. So why not use a cheaper product, one that anyone can install quickly and achieve the same result?

It might be a concept hard to grasp because such revolutionary product has not been seen until the past few years. All people need to do is order a sample from Antico Elements to see how real they look. Ideally, you want to get samples from other sources to compare and realize that Antico's quality is higher and at the best faux brick price. Also, let's not forget that not every store offering faux brick can honestly say they are Made In USA.

Fireplace Stone Installation Made Easy.

Posted on April 23, 2012

If there is one thing that makes any home a much cozier place, that is definitely a stone fireplace. Any fireplace design that remains imprinted in people's minds has some form of stone on it. We all know, though, how expensive it is to install real stone on a fireplace. This is why we really appreciate the beauty, ease of use and affordable pricing of fireplace faux stone.
Faux stone panels make any home improvement project a simple task with the look of natural stones and the ease of simple installations. The lightweight of the faux stone panels make it easier than ever to improve a room or space with very little to no extra tools needs. Installation on a fireplace can be done by the homeowner or your local handyman or neighborhood carpenter without the high costs associated with labor. The panels are made of 100% polyurethane material which makes them strong and durable yet light in weight and easy to put up in hard to reach locations.


It is now easier than ever to complete those home improvement projects that seemed so far out of reach. The natural stone look is now available at less than half the cost of labor and products through faux stone panels. There are a variety of patterns and designs to choose from. Projects that once were estimated at long hours of labor can now be completed in no time. Just like many before you, your stone fireplace will improve the look of your family room in no time. Take a look at our testimonials page for some examples.

Improve Your Ultimate Fun Room!

Posted on April 23, 2012

Now it's easier than ever to transform any room into the ultimate entertainment area for friends and family. Faux stone can have a huge impact on an area and give your fun room the treatment that is needed to be unique and one of a kind! Installation is made easy with the use of construction adhesives (ex. Liquid Nails ) and combined with screws to secure the placement of the panels. The ease of installation can ultimately omit the need for a contractor and labor costs.


These products are geared towards homeowners that have a "Do it Yourself" attitude when it comes to installing the panels. All that is needed for an installation project are basic carpenter skills such as screwing, measuring and gluing. There are minor installation requirements where only construction adhesives and screws are needed for panel placement. Anyone can turn extra space in a house into a great gathering room to share priceless memories in!

Let's be honest, most of us would feel proud to say "I did it!".
With Antico Elements' faux products anyone can say it. We designed these products so that anyone with basic skills can start and finish a project.

Why spend more for the same quality?

Posted on April 22, 2012

By now, when homeowners start planning a new remodeling project, they will stumble across the ever-growing list of faux stone panels that can be used indoor or outdoor. You can come across many stores that offer these products but your best bet for the lowest prices is to look online. There are many examples of both applications of faux stone panels:

Faux sheets of stones outdoor

Faux sheets of stones outdoor

Faux sheets of stone indoor

Faux sheets of stone indoor

You will come across many stores that sell faux stone panels but your best bet to get the lowest prices is to look online. These panels can literally turn a headache of a project into something fun. This is not only due to the fact that the stress related to purchasing expensive materials is diminished but because it's so easy to install. There is no more need to look at the natural or cast stone.

You can simply create a stone wall look by gluing and screwing these panels on any surface. As you may already know, the alternative is to go through a list of masons and general contractors and let the bidding game begin. Some hardware store carries a small selection of stone and in most cases, they don't look realistic at all. Some stores sell faux stone online but the biggest ones have higher overheads, and it shows in the final price.

You now have the freedom to dictate the pace of your own home improvement project.