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Alpi Panel - Almond 24 x 48


Alpi Panel - Almond 24 x 48

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NOTE: All Alpi Panels are a new, improved version and will not interlock with older Alpi Purchased before Sept-1-2011. Please call us if you need the older version.

24 inches High x 48 inches Wide x 1-5/8 inches Thick - 10Lbs

Overall Coverage:
8 sq.ft

Actual Coverage:
7.2 sq.ft

3-4 weeks for production. Rush order available for certain quantities.


NOTE:  When comparing with other panels on the market make sure to consider the actual coverage for the price. We have the best quality and price per sq.ft.


Add the incredibly realistic look of rocks and stones with our Brand New Alpi panels. They are available in different sizes and stone configurations and can be complemented with a number of accessories. These panels are carefully hand-painted to further increase the look of natural elements. You will love them too. Check out the Testimonials Pages HERE.

- Available in different colors.
- Easy to maintain
- Ultra realistic feel
- Resistant to mildew, cracking and fading
- Can be cleaned with soap and water solution
- installs easily using basic carpenter's tools
- Lightweight
- Significant cost savings.

Click here for the Installation Instructions

Click here for the product drawing ( pdf )

Reviews for Alpi Panel - Almond 24 x 48

John D 10/22/2013

Great product

I installed my recent order a couple of days ago. Great product and very forgiving.
Thanks for your help and again your product is awesome!

Mark C 05/28/2012

The product was easy to install the the effect it provides to the room is awesome.
Thank you for a great product.

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Alpi Panel - Almond 24 x 48

Alpi Panel - Almond 24 x 48

Alpi Panel - Almond 24 x 48

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