Brick Panels
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Antico and Reclaimed faux brick have been created to revolutionize the way brick paneling is installed. Instead of dealing with expensive preparation of the substrate and using mortar with grout, these panels can be effortlessly attached to any existing surface in minutes. Choose from the three types of available sheet styles, the Antico, the Villa and the 28 in Reclaimed Chicago style brick.

Subcategories for Brick Panels

  • Antico Faux Brick 28"...

    White Brick Panel

    Introducing our faux 28" Chicago faux reclaimed brick panels. This beautiful and crisp product is more affordable per square foot and easier to install. It also much cheaper to ship overall. Whether you need brick siding materials or just brick wall panels for an interior DYI project, these are the faux sheets for you.


  • Antico Faux Brick 32"...

    Realistic faux brick paneling will easily add an incredibly natural imitation brick look to any interior or exterior surface, including a backsplash, a facade or a fireplace. When builders, home owners, contractors and designers reach the conventional material's limitations or cannot cope with the costs of real or even thin brick, they turn to Antico Elements for a more affordable and reliable version of this beautiful material. Creating a fake foam brick wall covering with these panels does not only make it a viable solution to anyone but it drastically reduces the cost of any DIY project or even large constructions. These will create an enormously better look that brick wallpaper. This product is also referred to as foam brick but it is not a soft foam, rather a high-density resin that will last a lifetime.


  • Villa Brick Veneer Panels

    Using this affordable Villa brick veneer for exterior and interior you can quickly add a contemporary foam brick look that will save you an enormous amount over full or thin brick. Installing this innovative material turns out to be a much faster solution, providing a large saving on labor costs. Faux brick panels provide the ease of installation that thin brick or full brick can't.