How great would it be to avoid shipping costs, which keep going up?

We don't have much control over what carriers charge. We actually pass to our customers what these carriers charge us, no added costs.

We always work hard to find ways to save our customers money so we decided to try this offer:
For a limited time (Extended due to popularity) if you order Laguna and 28" Brick panels, pay by check and spend over $1,000 (shipping and taxes excluded) we can offer free shipping, for only the 48 continental states. No need to physically mail a check; you may completely fill the check and email us a clear image. Wire transfers will work as well.

The offer is NOT retroactive and cannot be combined with any other voucher, coupons (except for sample vouchers received) or quantity discounts.

Please use voucher freeshiplaguna at checkout (make sure not to include spaces).

The Voucher can't be combined with any other discount so we reserve the right to remove any other voucher that may be accidentally included in the shopping cart and order. Sample vouchers are allowed.

Call us with any question, we're here to help!