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A Prefab Mantel Is The Way To Go

Posted on January 17, 2014

Traditional fireplaces embody the American dream. Many people enjoy sitting by the fireplace for reading or socializing because it is warm and inviting.

Some of the most iconic and common uses for the mantel include displaying albums of family members or placing things there that are close to the heart. People have great alternatives now with different methods and materials available. The alternatives are cheaper and can provide customers with a wider range of choices.

The mantel is the shelf above the fireplace that holds a variety of different materials and weights. The mantel supports a list of important roles for the homeowner which is why it is important to keep it looking great and build it strong. The mantel makes a strong impression and shouldn't be dismissed.

Stone Background For fireplace

Stone Background For fireplace

When most people are renovating the fireplace they look at the mantel as the dominant part of the fireplace. Changing the mantel is an important stage in the remodeling process because it helps to give the whole room a different look and feel.

Finding the right mantel for your home may be tricky because there are so many choices. There are different materials that are available like oak or stone.

Fortunately, the choices have not only increased, but they have provided a cost-effective alternative that more people can afford.

Time and money play a big role in the remodeling process. Mantels are too expensive to replace for most peoples’ budget so buying them prefabricated is a great way to save money on product and installation.

Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

The material used in the above is mage is Laguna Panels

At this stage in the remodeling process get as many estimates from handymen or contractors as you can in order to get a better picture of the overall cost.

The labor cost could run a little high if there are cuts that need to be made so it is important to find something that fits the space or comes close.

A great way to save money is by avoiding labor costs by doing most of the work yourself.

The reason mantels have different prices is because of the variety of materials of which they are made. Some of the nicest mantels come in oak or mahogany with intricate wood carvings and timeless design and color.

Wood or Stone mantels are on the more expensive side of the spectrum because they are hard to manufacture. They can cost around two thousand dollars each, but there are ways around that.

Some ways to avoid paying a large price upfront is by looking for mantels in unexpected areas.  There are different businesses that may have access to old mantels such as antique shops or even companies that tear down buildings or homes that may have extra mantels. Antique shops will have nicer pieces that are most likely more intricate, but they won’t be as expensive compared to the other alternatives. Finding a cheap mantel is cost-effective but make sure that you do not get a low-quality mantel.

Finding the mantel that works for you is all about knowing your options. Every home is unique and the people in it want to reflect their unique characteristics.

Picking out a mantel and adding extra designs later can help save money instead of buying it with the designs already integrated.

Remember to do as much by yourself to reduce your labor costs. Installing mantels is just another part of the remodeling process but it stands to significantly change the way your home looks and feels. Give your home the boost it needs by choosing the right materials at the best price so you can get more done with your dollar.